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Monday, December 9, 2013

GBA warehouse sale

Yuhuu..sorry for long hiatus. (Hiatus from writing more on personal thingy)

Anyway yesterday managed to go GBA warehouse sale (sorry ye asik citer warehouse sale..2 consecutive posting adalah warehouse sale..macam mana nak buat Puchong ni banyak gak kilang2...MyDear, OKBaby, LadyBug, pastu GBA)

I bet not everyone aware about GBA (Opss bukan GBS Geng Bas Sekolah ye, ni kompeni ni nama GBA)

"GBA is a national marketing and distribution company managing various international brands like Fisherman's Friend, Mc Cormick Herbs & Spices, Loacker wafers, Davidoff Cafe, San Remo pasta, Marmite, Brovil, Ferrero Chocolates and etc."

I saw the banner past few months ago when they have their warehouse sale, unfortunately couldn't make it. So this time around I told husband I want to go with aim to buy Nutella.

Unfortunately arrived there around 3pm, so I guess Nutella sold out.

But I bought other things

Kinder Joy - 7 for RM10...(biasa 1 tu je dh dlm 3-4 ringgit kan)

Ferrero Rocher 25bijik (RM20..kalau beli 5 bekas dapat 1 bekas free)

Since it is FMCG, the most worried thing is expiry date. For Ferrero Rocher the expiry date Marc'14 and Kinder Joy Jun'14.

Perhaps next time dapat g warehouse sale grab Nutella..haha


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