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Wonderful motherhood

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My kids outfit

Having 2 boys mean that I don’t have a chance to shop something girly, dress, headbands and so on.

I never coordinate them, and perhaps sometimes they are boria (same t-shirt). Baju pun beli biasa2, cuma raya je yg proper sikit (xdela guess, zara..beli yg ada kat jusco cam kiko, poney..tu pun rasa jeans cinonet mahal…). But for jeans I realised tho it is pricey (pricey sbb sama rega ngan jeans dewasa), tahan lama jugak, so worth buying!

Since they are grown up, I just notice something…Alif claimed that Afham wore his shirt (ok beli baju tido kat tesco, I tried to avoid the same design….tapinye kan sbb nk borong banyak maka selepas gigih mencari ada 3 helai baju yg sama design but diff size 3T and 4T, pakai hari lain2 pun)

Then another thing, nowadays Afham will demand..hari sabtu ahad selalunya dia akan cakap nak pakai baju ketat, seluar ketat (sila jgn salah paham…apa yg dia maksudkan baju jalan2 dan seluar jeans). Not to mention I think he thinks its cool to wear sweater and cap! Kdg2 kena ngelat2 sikit kata seluar yg dia pakai seluar k-pop padahal tu normal short pants for kids. Ayoyo..

Afham teringin nk pose gini kot..sibuk nk pakai sweater ngan cap

I knew quite sometimes, some bought their kids clothes online especially from overseas. But I never care because, I think it will be super pricey!

Then just recently I just browsed few overseas website and fall in love with the kids clothes, then started to calculate and considering (of course need to see the SALE word). I always have a problem esp when it comes to sizing. Afham is consider as petite (height wise should be not a big problem, tapi pinggang alahai xboleh nk beli seluar yg pakai belt tu sbb pakai belt pun londeh esp lepas keluar masuk toilet..seluar beli time raya tahun lepas pun still longgar tuk dia)

So the first buy via one of US shopper (not preorder, ni ready stock)
Gymboree camo cargo pants

Posing xpayah suruh

Afham seems quite happy with this pant.

I started to browsed overseas website and found few clothes that I still considering (perhaps will buy it if I have a change – budget and of course SALE). Something to my liking sbb some of it boleh pakai 2-in-1 (roll-up), the waist is adjustable and look stylish (some with cute detailing since no accessories for boys). Perhaps plus point I don’t need to struggle with kids when to purchase it J

Sume jeans selitla satu top

Not all overseas website ship to Malaysia (yg pelik boleh pulak hantar ke Brunei, Singapore, but not Malaysia), so the option is either to use US shopper or freight forward eg Hopshopgo.

For time being berangan dulu..tak pun carik alternative kat Tesco (some said F & F pun ok gak baju2 dia), tapi musti simpan duit tuk borong time Black Friday

List nk cuci mata (benda paling best berangan sebab free!!!)


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