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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Membeli kasut di ZALORA

Bab beli baju, tudung online memang tak jadi masalah (tho there is risk of unsatisfied with the material, ketat, labuh, jarang, etc). Tapi beli kasut online…I is takut.

The first time I bought my shoes online via ZALORA…and it was in 2012. I bought a sandal simply because during that time I have received voucher RM30 from BCARD (ZALORA is one of the BCARD merchant). I bought the same brand of my existing sandal (so there is no risk …sbb dah tau saiz mana, only different pattern).

Back to 2012, ZALORA is considered new and I read some of negative comments like – receive the wrong items, wrong size, and yada yada.

But my first purchase with ZALORA is smooth sailing, received the sandals of right size and pattern. They send the sandals in an orange box (sorry no picture of the box).

Recently, my shoes show wear and tear sign (ehem sounds accounting for the word wear and tear). I just remembered that I won ZALORA RM40 voucher from one of the contest run by BCARD. But it came with terms that the voucher can only be redeemed for purchase minimum of RM100 and valid till 31 May 2014.

Since my purchase principle is to buy the thing with the best bargain…kalau dapat harga lagi banyak diskaun lagi bagus, and brand tak brand tu idakle menjadi kepentingan.

The shoes that I want is run out of stock (nasibla saiz kaki average rakyat Malaysia kot). So after much consideration, I choose two shoes that within my budget.

The good thing ZALORA do stated in the shoes description like below “Fits true to size” and “Runs one size smaller. You might want to purchase one size up from your usual size” sila click see more ye untuk tahu regarding the shoes sizing…General guideline on sizing also stated in the website.

For those do have voucher, use it during checkout and you will see below (once they registered the voucher)

ZALORA even recalculate the shoes price…saya suka, saya suka *sbb mula2 1 kasut tu RM1xx sbb promo jadi RM5x..lepas voucher jadik RM3x*

Since my purchase below RM75, they charge RM5 for shipping *still ok sbb ada voucher*

For those have BCARD, don't forget to key in BCARD number once completed the checkout *The point will be credited later*

Anyway, received my shoes (last time in ZALORA yellow box), this time dalam box kasut tu sendiri dalam plastik GDEX

Beli 2 pasang pun parcel dah besar

The white one fits nicely, while for the black shoes longgar sikit je..

I ordered and paid on Friday and received it on Tuesday. Besides two shoes, I also received ZALORA BCARD and also measuring tape. (Did I tell you that all the while I am using IKEA free tape to measure whatever…lepas tu sbb dh lama2 koyak #oranggunatapeikeaukurperabotla)

Bye2 IKEA tape

They do offer free return with POSLAJU (yes the packing will come with POSLAJU slip also, but with some terms and condition)

I might consider to shop shoes at ZALORA again in future ^_^


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