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Friday, June 13, 2014

Sedapnya Mamee Chef! Slurrppp...

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What will you eat in the middle of the night when your stomach start to sound?

What will you have when you don’t have time to eat esp when at office ?

What will you buy as a stock at home?

If the answer is instant noodle than you should continue read this entry

Oppss...have you wondered how the instant noodle are made?

Recently, myself and other bloggers (about 60 of us) have an opportunity for a day trip to visit Mamee Chef factory and Mamee Jonker House in Melaka. We started the day at meet up at Mamee Double Decker, Subang Jaya. We reached the Mamee Chef factory around 11am.

Before I started on the trip let me share the recipe of success for Mamee Chef. As we know, Chef Ismail well known for his expertise in Malay Cuisine. He has teamed up with Mamee to create original recipe and flavour that represents Malaysia.The paste for Mamee Chef's Thai Tom Yam and Curry Laksa recipe was co-created with Chef Ismail, are made with fresh ingredients of spices and herb.

Mamee Chef has an even better taste because each packet of it comes with a pre-packed condiment for different flavours such as prawns, tofu (bite-size), shiitake mushrooms and vegetables.

Mamee Chef Tom Yam - ada udang-lah!

Now sit back and read along this entry as I will share on Mamee Chef factory & products. (perhaps you also can have Mamee Chef while reading this entry. Since this entry have a lot of pics and a video. I just cook Mamee Chef for husband before writing this J)

Cook with love

Mamee Factory, Melaka

When we arrived, we were greeted by Mamee team followed by quick intro, La Mien Sifu performance and curry laksa paste cooking show.

Had some refreshment and Nutrigen Lite Yo (sedap ye air ni…)

Quick intro by Sham Mee, Marketing Manager
Background history..Mamee start all the way from Melaka

Mamee range of products - Mamee, Mamee Instant Noodle, Mamee Chef, Mister Potato and lots more (still counting!)
Guess who will show "Mi Tarik"?

Not Chef Ismail but La Mien Sifu performance
La Mien in Malay means Mi Tarik

Curry laksa paste cooking show

Datuk Pang Chin Hin, Chairman Mamee pun ada on that day (in white shirt)
pls excuse all the blogger-razi hand

Basically La Mien Sifu performance and curry laksa paste cooking show is the manual way of preparing curry laksa noodle (Duh...I couldn't imagine how to do mi tarik by myself). Thus, to imitate the La Mian technique for better springier noodle texture, Mamee Double-Decker made RM80 Million investment on the machinery. This machine and technology, they are able to make noodle goes through the same pulling and folding process like La Mien noodles.

Factory Visit
It’s a long process compared to express-cooking-3 minute

Mixing - Rolling - Slitting - Steaming - Cutting - Frying - Cooling - Packaging




Frying..the largest hood I had seen in my life


Recent Mamee and Mamee Chef Achievements

  • Putra Brand Awards 2014 - Food Stuff Category - Mamee-Double Decker (Bronze Recipient)
  • Top 10 Best Instant Noodles in the World for 2014 by - Mamee Chef Curry Laksa ( American blogger, based in US and known for his popular review of all the instant noodels that he has tasted all around the world. He has reviewed over 1,200+ different type of instant noodles)
  • Frost and Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards - Home-Grown Packaged Food Company of the Year - Mamee-Double Decker Sdn Bhd (for 2 consecutive years)
  • Mamee-Double Decker holds 4.2 Million Households - Recent research released by Kantar WorldPanel shows that out of 5.47 million TOTAL household, Mamee-Double Decker instant noodles are being purchased by 4.2 million household buyers in Peninsular Malaysia. 

At the same time, saw Mamee production. 

We also had our lunch at the Mamee factory


Lunch prepared by Mamee Jonker House

Mamee Jonker House - No 45 & 48 Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka (06-286 7666)

Right after lunch, we departed to Mamee Jonker House (I bet orang Melaka pun tak tahu ada Mamee museum, café and such kat Jonker Street ni kan)

Mamee Jonker House, Melaka opened in Nov 2013 and now among top 10 of Jonker Street attractions.

Inside Mamee Jonker House you'll see Mamee Cafe, Mamee World, Monster Kitchen, Noodle Doodle and Merchandise Store
Most of the food price RM8.80 - Hainese Chicken Rice Balls, Mamee Mee Goreng, etc
Some said the Mamee Mee Goreng taste better than Mee Goreng Mamak!
(didn't taste because still full)

Unfortunately during our visit, Mamee World (or known as Mamee Museum) temporary closed for some refurbishment. (understand that it will be open in 2-3 months. Perhaps next time I should come to bring my family...)

Monster Kitchen
Monster Kitchen where kids 6 years and above can join the workshop with minimal fee RM10. However the class will be on weekend time with minimum of 6. I understand that kids below 6 years old also can join as long as accompanied by father/mother/guardian (seorang dewasa je ye..bukan seluruh keluarga teman anak yg sorg tu...kang masalah space pulak). The Monster Kitchen workshop sessions available on Saturday and Sunday (11am, 1,30am, 3pm). Prior booking required.

One of the activities we had was Mamee Chef Colour My Cup at Noodle Doodle. I just need to colour the Mamee Chef and then choose 4 condiments, and the next few minute I have my very own Mamee Chef! (It is advisable to eat this very own Mamee Chef within 2 weeks due to hygiene)

Please ignore and excuse my long lost colouring skill

Place PP cup into the slot
Choose 4 types of condiments - There are six - sweet corn, cabbage, green peas, carrot, dried chili, chive

Shrink wrapping
Mamee Chef ready!

No worries, as you also can have this fun activities together with your friends and families (kids surely will be happy with this colouring activity). If not mistaken you have to pay RM3 per cup (you can colour, doodle, packing and bring home the personalized Mamee Chef!)

The toilet sign so cute, and deco itself banyak Mamee..and you can buy Mamee merchandise including Mamee Chef

Dengan partner duduk dalam bas, Xeea

Hot mum, Namee
Hot hot chick poo mum, yours truly
#silajangancompare #perutsayasudahbuncit #notpregnant

Excited bloggers including me
Some of them - KY, Namee, Yana Yassin, Yanty, KP, Kin, Umie, Jue, Fiza, Xeea, Kolin

Not only getting know other bloggers, myself also manage to buy shirts, fridge magnet, Mister Potato and Perfecto at Merchandise Store ! You can get soft plush Mamee, Mamee products including Mamee Chef, mug and etc.
Come back with goodie bag (right) and something for my kids and husband (left)

#mameechefday was long and tiring day, but totally fun. Thank you to Nuffnang and Mamee for this opportunity. Credit to husband because he took care Afham and Alif, while myself had a day trip :)

You can check more details here

Mamee Chef avilable in 3 different flavours - spicy chicken shiitake, curry laksa  and creamy tom yam 

Pstt : Mamee Chef and Mamee-Double Decker was granted halal certification and Halalan Toyiban for adhering to the industry’s best practices in maintaining the highest standards of quality and hygiene in food production. You can check from Jakim website here


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