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Wonderful motherhood

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Marilah membeli baju raya

I shared last time here on Instagram : Buat rasa nk beli baju raya dah !

The fact that I still not buying my baju raya (until this post..perhaps I just finalized my transfer to buyer account)

Past few months, I just in love with their collection (all of their collections are bf friendly)


So sape2 nak beli jubah yang bf friendly untuk hari raya bolehla start belek2 instagram @ruccimodisch sbb diorg nk launch 2 jubah baru hari ini (1/7/2014)

Shakirah Jubah

Some of their past collection (unfortunately dah tak de la ye). Never bought any jubah, so belom boleh further comment tapi kalau baca IG mostly positive feedback

Aisya Sweet Jubah

Ariana Jubah

Sofea Jubah


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