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Friday, August 15, 2014

Teaser entri raya - real men wear pink

Gulp..orang sume dh siap entri raya, siap dah update entry open house bagai tapi blog ni tertinggal keretapi

Excuse me for being lazy to transfer all raya pictures to hard disk *slap my face* Plus I always took some times to finalized my blog entry *spelling-grammar-punchline and so on, but pls excuse on those rojak and grammatical error )

So to keep as simple, here the only one raya picture as teaser *again excuse me if my raya entry will be posted after raya as now I am busy at work and also find a new job*

Raya kali ni tema pink panther or "real men wear pink" (without fail husband yg decide kaler tema tuk raya)

Naseb anak tak tanya "nape pakai pink?"


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