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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another resignation

Yup, after 1 year plus with current company, I have decided to move again. (Ok now I have to count I have been working with how many companies).

K, L, D, S, E, T, D and soon to be almost 8 companies with 1 is temporary job. The longest I have been with a company was 4 years and the shortest one was less than 6 months (ok twice less than 6 months).  The rest around almost 2 years. Total working years almost 11 years (but still tak kaya and cannot afford, LV, Channel and whatnot..Coach pun 2 ketul belas ihsan suami dan sedikit hasil blogging)

But in resume only stated 4 companies…because I don’t think it is presentable to put those shorter employment (PLUS believe me they will questioned you on this and that)

And even tho it is only 4, I have to admit HR always like to ask “If I employ you, will you stay 2 years and then left?”

I can expect someone stay with a company for 10 years will expect this “You have been with your current employer for so long, why you want to leave?”

See…kerja lama dengan satu company pun kena tanya, kerja tak berapa lama pun kena. So memang kena pandai pandaila jawab

This resignation will be the longest notice period because of  3 months, itu pun nasib the new company willing to buy out 1 month (up to date twice been buy out).

On top of that this resignation, I need to pass the letter to Group CFO since boss lama seconded to another company.

Me : Encik xxxxxx, 1 minute please (bagila surat)
GCFO : Apa ni? Kad jemputan?
Me : Bukan…

Then since he was rushed, he asked few questions and end up with “Let me think about it and will let you know…”

First time ever bagi surat resign tapi  di ingat kad jemputan! Adeh, kita bukan muda lagi, anak pun dah dua.

So officially counting my days despite my husband keep telling “what if big boss tak release…” 

But after all the decision done and no turning back.


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