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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, December 5, 2014

Melukis bersama anak..ayaya

Most of the time I let my kids have a freestyle drawing, until Afham requested to draw like house, car and so on

Simple drawing will be fine for me...esp orang lidi. But of course repeating drawing the same thing is no longer adventurous for Afham, while for Alif he just know to draw balloon and orang lidi

Above when Afham tried to draw flower....

Then I found someone share simple step to draw with kids. I have compile it here

I followed step by step above, and let Afham draw by himself

So here the final output. Can you spot bear, tiger, mice (face and whole), beetle and porcupine?

For mommies (esp keras tangan like myself), no worries just follow above step and you can draw some cute animal together with your kids!


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