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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#sayajual #cushioncover

This is my first attempt to become businesswoman, erm so for a start 10 different design of cushion cover for you to choose (enjoy the little things, love series and Mr & Mrs series)

It is ready stock, but limited (sapa cepat dia dapat). I only sell cushion cover, so you can find cushion itself from Ikea, Jusco, or any other shop.

Cushion cover description as follows:
Size: 45cm*45cm (17"*17") 
Material:  Linen Cotton
Hidden zipper closure.
Pattern only on one side.

Price (not including shipping and no further negotiation since I try to give the best price!)
RM 55 each (HNL01)
RM 50 each (HNL02 to HNL10)

Shipping (1-2 cushion cover, if more than 2 cushion cover will advice accordingly)
RM6 (semenanjung)
RM10 (Sabah, Sawak)
Shipping will be done on Wednesday & Saturday

You can whatsapp / sms order to 012-9079 245 (please expect 24-48 hours reply, since I am a full time job, but will reply to you as soon as possible)

Actual cushion cover may be differ from the picture (due to lighthing)

Insya Allah, more design to come but will take order on pre-order basis. For more update please follow Instagram @homelivingshop (erm actually I upload at blog first, since it is pretty fast compared to Instagram that I have to upload picture one by one)

Preorder batch 1 will be announced later and I might include other decorative items besides cushion cover (alphabet HOME, retro car and motorcycle, Volkswagen diecast – which is I think perfect for home deco)

Can you spot the VW diecast?


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