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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Homelivingshop - Vendor at Summershopmy (nearby CalaQisya and Radiusite Bangi)

Entri ni copy paste dari blog berniaga..motif sbb malas nk update asing2...so share benda yg sama

It is not easy to maintain so many channel of line to promote my own business...most of the time I am active in instagram, while thankfully IG can be linked to fb (but of course it tooks me a longer time to set it up)

So basically you can find us at

We also done the business registration under SSM. Basically we are selling cushion covers and home deco stuffs (wall art, fame deco, tin plate, laundry basket / storage basket, remote control basket, mini retro...and the list will be longer perhaps in near future). So kalau nak cari cushion cover yang cantik-cantik dan moden boleh beli ngan kitaorang :)

Hmm other than that, still long way to go...

Anyway we also become vendor at vendor boutique in Ayer 8, Putrajaya. However after so much consideration, it just only 2 months (will end by 15 March 2015)

Starting tomorrow for those visited Bangi, you can check our ready stocks at Summershopmy (IG @summershopmy) Open daily 11am-8pm (close on Monday)
2-15-2, 1st floor (lift provided), Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 8, Sentral @ Bangi CBD, Section 9, BBBangi.
1. New Al Ikhsan outlet
2. Calaqisya
3. Radiusite
4. Restoran Mi Tarik

Belakang PKNS Bangi ye..kalau nak cari..

We will be for 1 month trial...and if it is good and ok, perhaps we can continue to 3 or 6 months, moga Allah permudahkan.Amin

Can you spot Radiusite and CalaQisya

Summershop located at 1st floor..just 2-3 shop from CalaQisya Bangi..
Don't worry tak payah naik tangga sebab ada lift ok?

Inside Summershop Bangi...

So your kids can sit while you shop

They also have a variety desserts and drinks that you must try out
(I still not have a chance to taste it sebab datang letak barang petang Ahad...
so almost everything takde..perhaps next time)

So this is the shelving unit that we rent out

After putting something from us!

For those that visited us at Summershop, you will get our stuffs at really good bargain! (All cushion cover only RM39!) Other stuffs also most of it at discounted price


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