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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Terjebak sudah dengan 11street.my

This is not sponsored post. But basically sharing some thing good *where you can buy things cheaper and less hassle for parking and so on*

I heard about 11street.my  quite some time, but never have intention to browse it.

So when I was loking for Amsyar's clothes, I saw a good bargain from Fiffy (8 pairs for RM64 excluding shipping...). Then I looked for another website which might have better offer. And the next thing I know, I am on love with 11street *not only Fiffy clothes but also with other purchases*

Here what I like and love 11street.my

1. It offer discount coupon *of course with some term and condition*. At least the product that you want to purchase is way cheaper, silap-silap dengan free shiping lagi! Tapi diskaun ni kena download and of course ada la certain numbers of coupon

2. You can post Q&A (in case it is not clearly stated at the product description). Then you can check whether the seller already answered it or not under My Q&A History

If the seller do not answer the question, it appear as Unanswered

3. You can check other buyer comment on seller / product. This is really good, since nowadays there is tonnes of OEM product (bukan kata semua OEM tak bagus, cuma ada certain agak mengecewakan, ada jugak yang ok)

4. There is "Recently Viewed". Up to 30 Recently Viewed Products can be saved.

Maklumlah kadang excited belek barang lepas tu dah lupa. 30 tu banyak kan?

5. Tracking system. I think this is the best so far..sbb terus link kepada page "Shipping Status". So tak payah la copy nombor tracking, pstu carik website untuk tracking.

Easy peasy, sbb click je terus appear status barang kat mana

6. You can redeem your BCard point here. Not sure whether in future it will continue, because need to download. Since I have BCard, so I just redeem my point here

7. Grade and benefits. From the table it seems awesome. Since I am just new, I need to wait until my status upgraded

Last but not least, discover 11street.my by yourself and perhaps you will be hooked into it!


  1. Salam. Thanks for the review. Baru terjebak dengan shopee and now gonna explore 11street.my pulak :)

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