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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Childhood - What we used to eat

I’m always wanted to write about childhood, back to the 80’s *mine? hmmmm* besides I’ve found few memorable things when I was kid while doing some cleaning *while I was in my hometown ;)*…but I really dunno where and how to start.

Just recently I received fwd email dedicated esp to those born in 80's and started to think that it would be great idea to combine the email and what I have in my mind.

So we shall start from the following pics (almost all the pics here is from the fwd email unless stated from other sources):-

Colourful drink in nice bottle or sometimes got ais krim Malaysia versi cair …just few days ago I saw a girl hanging in her neck the red colour water …so there’re still exist in this milennium year…I still remembered how this type or drinks attract the all kids like me…When it comes to ais krim malaysia (there is no Baskin Robbin, Haagen-Dazs) , I believe some will love to patahkan di bahagian tengah ais krim itu…esp semasa ais krim tu betul2 sejuk and keras….yummy2 ais krim perisa milo, oren, asam boi etc..hoho can we still get this type of ais krim? Besides, I still remember how we use to gigit di hujung plastik itu untk dapatkan aiskrim/colourful drinks…because sometimes the plastic is so hard…*or our teeth is not enough calsium?* Aha if not mistaken there are 2 type plastic for ais krim Malaysia either yg straight or the other one which have curve *this one which ais krim itu boleh dipatah2kan*

I really dunno what I used to call this biscuit when I’m small, but the biscuit is so colourful and nice. Besides that, the colourful top is sweet sometimes kids maybe eat it in different way..Its either telan saja, eat the sweet icing first followed by the biscuit, eat the biscuit followed by the sweet icing, eat only the biscuit or eat only the sweet icing…so which one is your type? Mine will be telan saja kot :z Tora and ding dang is the most popular and in..with chocolate ball and free toys its really attract us *plus the jingle in TV makes us wanna the toys….because I believe when we see it on TV the toys really canggih tak gitu?* there also other food that really attract was Nini *I believe we must pronounce it like this Nini Cokelat Celup Celup*… biscuit (stick) dip into choc,strawberry or peanut flavoured *I still can see it nowadays, but not sure the popularity among kids*

Buble gum and chewing gum..hmm not sure how to write since I’m not eating chewing gum *maybe I’m a good kid* but I really remember how kids really love the instant tatoo..just put some water on the cartoon *usually it will be at the back of chewing gum wrapper* and straight away put it on our hand..and tara we will have this nice instant tatoo. I’m used to eat sugus and trebor sweets. Sugus is really attacts me as it was colourful - orange, pink, purple, green and the taste is sweet. Trebor sweets will comes in small round shape container….inside there will be about 10 sweets with some white powder. It comes with few flavours too to choose.

On top of that, I also do some “research” *actualy googling for some pics* and managed to get this:- When I was in Form 1 to 3 in a boarding school, the most popular junkie was biskut kapal terbang and biskut bantal…so when anybody when for outing, surely it will become the main thing in the list to buy. Usually we will bought it in 500grams or even more…hmm suddenly teringat ikan jaket lauk paling popular :r not sure how the biscuit was named like this but the figure of it almost like an aeroplane!

Besides, there’s also gula-gula bantal/ udang*no sure other will called it what* it was white coloured sweet *saya selalu takut nk makan plastik nipis covering the sweets..hoho maybe thinking that something will happen if I ate this plastic*

I want to pen off for this entry but suddenly kuaci hitam and kuaci putih slipped in my mind *I use to ate also kuaci hitam, kuaci putih. If not mistaken in the kuaci bag packets there’s always a paper stating that you can win some money..maybe max rm5 but usually the paper will be with only cartoon and no money to be won* Besides kacang salut dalam mini packets *x silapnya plastik tu ada gambar rama2*

Kickapoo….aha the most pupolar drink that time..guess what I manage to find this website

Besides, I’m also discussing this topic with my fiance and manage to recall 7up which comes together with icon Fido Dido *hehe during primary school, I got a maths teacher who loves Fido Dido..even if I not mistaken he paint a mural of this on our school wall*

Also there’s a lot of snack that we can name it together, durian snack *round-yellow-strong smell full in the packaging…not like nowadays junkies where there’s a lot of empty space compared to the size of packaging* also corn snack *the packaging size is same as medium size picture upload in blogspot..inside ada 2 batang snek jagung dan snek itu berlubang di bahagian tengah..hoho not sure whether I can describe it well or not..its also yellow in colour* The other one will be almost likely long ruler size and it contains something that coated with chocolate*also I cannot name it* not to forget cikedis, super ring, miau-miau, ais krim potong, tic-tac…….

The idea is not stopped here but I’m still discussing with my fiance, Shara and Dila *hehe contibutor indirectly in order to recall all those thing*

The list still continues with mamee and when it comes to girl the most popular food will be asam *oho :D saya tak makan asam except asam jawa dan asam duit2 ‘haw flakes’ *The one that I can recall is the one which is 50sen size and very red in colour di tengah2nya terdapat biji…then there’s a lot of asam varities in colours, taste, and size….ad yg kecik2, panjang2…*not good about I really cannot imagine and write it*

Surely some of snacks and drinks are still exist nowadays. But I strongly feel that the way we react, appreciate and enjoying it very much different from nowadays kids *today there’s a lot of thing and the kids are so pampered, easily to get what they want compared to my time where ais krim Malaysia can makes my day :~*

Back to those times, the value of money is soo much different. We can buy the foods with only 5cents, 10 cents. Our family also can provide 30cents less or more for us to bring it to the school.We treasure every moment and the foods that we have.

Surely I will continue to write the childhood things. So just stay tune to the next chapter about this. Comments/ shout (oggix) are most welcome :z

Surely we will miss a lot about our childhood!


  1. yeah man... those days... the good ol' days... it's amazing how childhood these days is SO different from back in our days... everything now is instant, fast, online.... i wonder how games like kunda kundi, galah panjang all gonna survive...

  2. .. good old days!

    Some of the item is still available in the market...

  3. TORA!!!

    Tora datang lagi dengan mainan kapal perang robot~


  4. gula-gula udang tu paling feveret time kecik2 dulu..selalunya saya mkn dengan plastik2 skali!!hehee

  5. lostasylum - I agree with you..maybe we should teach our kids how to play galah panjang....

    limcyam - ya..we still can enjoy ais krim malaysia, gula2 udang, etc

    robb - :) hehe i cannot stop laughing

    farah - alamak, saya masih takut nak makan plastik gula2 tu...fobia yg terbawa2 dr kecik kot...

  6. yer yer..saye pun suka gula2 udang.. pastu air yg color2 tue bukan sedap...tapi mesti nak beli...hehehe...teringat dulu2...


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