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Wonderful motherhood

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My 360 degrees stories

Where I should start for my 360 degrees stories? Ya..maybe I do not have 360 list to complete it but I have few stories to write for the readers *oo banyak2 karang xde plak citer lain*

At first I'm thinking to write with some solid reason story..but since I have some combo meal to will become the most remembered Raya

1st story Date : 27.09.2008 Time : 3.30am - 1.oopm

3.30am = Since encik-tunang really want to have sahur he drove all the way to my house and we have our sahur at mamak
4.25am = I decided to start packing and sidai baju...*very lazy to do all this before sleep at that night..*
5.00am = Sleep...siap mimpi..tak ingat pun
7.20am = Huwah..I'm rushing to take 2min shower..almost left my hp..encik-tunang has called few times before but sy tido tak ingat..
7.50am = arrived Pudu..and saw this *climax of my story ticket 8am*

Bagi tiket perjalanan ke Selatan dr 15.09.2008 hingga 15.10.08 sila naik dari Bukit Jalil

Out of my mind, I really felt silly *adakah sy tak baca surat khabar + tgk berita..until I didn't know about it..and already think that tak beraya la tahun ni* Yes, I'm almost crying, thinking that I missed the bus and maybe balik beraya naik lori ayam, transit naik kereta lembu plus naik beca *sungguh xbetul ketika itu*
Encik-tunang give some idea to send me back to my hometown *sweet, but Defence, Finance & Healthy Minister do not approve the proposal since that night he will drive for 5hours journey to Kedah...this is the not soo good thing utara-selatan relationship..kalau both of us sehala it will b really good idea dear*

8.00am = naik shuttle bus, hoping some luck *quite blur..already imagine naik lori ayam...haha*
8.13am = bus started to move to Bukit Jalil
8.30am = arrived at Bukit Jalil..rushing looking for bus..Alhamdulillah..Phew..naseb baik, bus still not there...*rasa nk lompat2 je time tuh*
9.30am =bus still not there...muka sume dah mcm ayam golek yg tensen nk kena bakar...kwang3 termasukla saya
10am = finally after 2 hours waiting the bus arrived *hmm actually it for seremban trip but since we have been waiting soo long, they adjusting it for all the tension faces*

2nd story my Out of office assistant reply
Thanks for your email. I will be out of office, and have no email access on:
Monday and Tuesday (29 and 30 Sept) - Annual Leave
Wednesday (1 Oct) - National Holiday (Hari Raya)

Your email will be attended to upon my return on Thursday (2 Oct)

Kindly take note that for accrual posting and posting parked document still can be done until 2 Oct.
For URGENT matters during these days, kindly refer to Vimala
Apologies for the inconveniences caused.
xoxo, *of course I didn’t put this..maunya analyst, controller or anybody that I deal all over the world terbeliak biji mata…I will use Thanks and regards*

Guess what is the relation out of ofis and 360 degree story? Saya kena kerja di hari raya kedua..dan hari this is quarter closing..enuff kan all the combo raya di ofis story? we have planned to do mobile office, but considering di ceruk kampung the internet will not so good, it will effect the closing. So the final decision and the only best option,raya at office..*no triple pay..only leave credit+meal allowance+travelling*

The most suitable song for us

si baju hijau *change accordingly* sedang berjuang, di perbatasan peluru tak bermata harus waspada...*of course no such bullet for us..but maybe some tears*

So my 360 degrees story will stop here and to be continued..readers please visit again for the part 2 *maybe that time you are having london almond, tart, baulu, rempeyek, air sirap or just come back to office gossip with all raya stories..plz remember me struggling with the figures*

Happy Aidilfitri =)

p/s: Zety, aku dh jawab sket part of ur question.


  1. hahahaha...aku kat opis...hahaha...aku gumbira jadi pekerja yg gila kusa alaf ini....semlam aku seram sejuk jugak tido sorg..ko nnt jgn lupa tutup pintu dapur...aku mungkin dh half time closing things....2nd half cont next week...letih aku keje sorg2..lain sume cuti2 tak ingat aku...hahahhaha

  2. hahahah muke dah cam tepung pelita masuk dlm peti ais hehehe stress takut tinggal bas...

  3. s-o-f-t--i-e ...oho dh selamat..lega aku tido sesorg xde pe..tu pun dh cuak bila bukak astro tak kuar gambar

    shasha...raya? hmm hmm hmm...raya kat ofis, okla kan dr raya dlm bas, train, kapal terbang ;p

    anonymous...bkn tepung masuk peti ais, tp tepung pelita mcm dh nak basi...uwekkk..


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