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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aidilfitri Award

Sigh….I’m still stuck about my layout…need to revamp it again..I just some simple but colourful template but couldn’t find any that fit my thinking to prepare my customize template…and learning html online is good but of course for take some times…encik-tunang also lend me the macbook but no wifi at my I just can only learn a little bit photoshop and iphoto..huwah Saya teramat stress...gft*^&tk2@@, Opss tidak juga...Anyway, recently I've received 2 awards *not grammy, muzik2, aim, or ABP 2008* from ima..thanks ima

So I have decided to create raya Aidilfitri Award *since we are still in the raya mood kan? lgpun sy takde banyak gambar raya untk ditayang* Eventhough I didn’t celebrate raya this year due to my works requirement, I don’t think it will limit myself of enjoying raya in office. *I'm not in the mood of writing the finale of my 360 degrees story-mory*

Creative award (sms)
Bila rambut segelap ALMOND LONDON, asalkan hati sesuci KUIH BANGKIT, biar iman sekental DODOL, jangan senipis REMPEYEK, biar jiwa selembut BAULU, asalkan akhlak secantik BISKUT DAHLIA, senyumlah semanisWAJIK agar lebaran yg disambut lebih bermakna..

I received this sms from my ex housemate Diah *erm jadik tak nk ajak housemates2 ni makan2+raya..hehe*

Among all the sms raya that I received, I would say this is the most creative sms

Best Raya Advertisement awards
This will goes to TM advertisement...*petronas not so much umphh for this year...* It's really touching esp the ending part *it has very deep meaning also*

The most awaiting raya song
There’s a lot of raya song..but I believe the old songs still the best..Dendang Perantau, Slmt Hari Raya, Suasana Hari Raya, Menjelang Hari Raya, Cahaya Di Aidilfitri *I just put few here*
But I believe there’s always one raya song that you cannot wait it..and you want it damn badly to be on air on radio esp towards the end of Ramadhan..even you can recognised the intro of the song...
For myself it will be Sepasang Kurung Biru by Khairil Johari Johar *this year I heard only once, maybe its a sad maybe the DJ not prefer to choose it...*

Best Raya Photo

This will go to M....the pictures taken after I baked choc cake...*erm maybe I should give also best new artist..if you saw Goda advertisement (8tv/ NTV7 kot) you will know that everyone will have M as their father, teacher, well for me :)*

Creative cookies
For mushroom lover or even for those dislike mushroom you still can eat mushroom cookies

You still can give ur gf rose for raya....

Best kuih raya

The best ever taste kuih raya for this year will be tart *uhuk...sure org marah sbb dlm bnyk2 kuih..tart yg dpt award*
Cuba teka sape yg buat kuih tart itu? Tara....New coming of this Bollywood artist *kakak jangan marah ye..*

Most antique item ever seen for this raya
I'm growing up with this and I'm still using it now until God know ...This is oven...*dari zaman kanak2 main masak2 dan menyibuk2 nk tolong emak (semasa hidupnya) hinggalah sekarang patut dah mampu beli oven/ microvawe canggih..tapi oven ini jugak diguna*

Yes it will be a little bit orthodox *hmm or should I write it as oldies/retro* by using it but somehow I still baking cakes and cookies using this and I admit that my first session of “mari belajar masak nasi” using dapur minyak tanah...and after few year barulah jumpa dapur gas and also rice cooker (zaman2 degree dulu)

Anyone want to do this kind of tag? *sila2 lah...and don't forget to leave comment here so that I will know and read what u have write...*


  1. mmg kreatif ler kuih2 tu, roses tu, macam tak sanggup nak makan

  2. stir, gambo orang dkt cake tue...darn CUTE!! haha

  3. mrs. amie...ha'ah biskut tu cantik tp rasa taktau

    mak su...sbb tak sanggup makan, maka tak le beli kuih tu..hehehe3

    noly...:) tenkiu..tu adik aku la..


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