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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, September 5, 2008


~~ Rest in peace ~~
Casio Exilim EX-Z60
(03.12.2006 - 30.08.08)

This is the most sadness thing...I'm losing my casio exilim ex-60..and I think saya baru saja belajar mengupgrade teknik2 fotografi saya..*this is why i'm really sad for a week..uhuk*

The incident happened in A& W PJ drive in...I'm not sure how this happened..sedar2 kamera tu dh jatuh..LCD tak pecah lansung..believe me..the only thing lens saja yg dh bengkok dan tak boleh masuk *hmm..i have send it to "ICU", but the cost to fix it is rm320..~~dhle bulan ni raya..eventhough I will not celebrate raya..saye perlu berjuang di hari raya ke-2, but still need to expense maybe on a little bit kuih raya and saving for my sis convocation*

Well maybe this is fate....the camera is with me for almost 2 years..she saw me growing up from single-mingle garl *uhuk but that time ekceli "janda berhias"...ditinggalkan ex bf*..and moving to my jovial time leisuring with frens and eyeing for my man *i'm not a playgal ya* ...She capture my first date with my dear until we engaged! and before it broke it still giving 100% best services *actually i'm being so-called-photographer for birthday party when the incident happened....will show my skills later...when i'm ok*

There's a lot to story-mory...but I have to accept this..it's just not my day...

Rest in peace....


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