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Friday, October 10, 2008

Free handbag

I know u'll love to get free things...*no matter...even tissue pocket...*

I just bloghopping to coffeeaddicts and she write something about free handbag...YES...its free gals...*hurry for registration*

Handbag Planet celebrate their launching on 15 October,2008 by giving away a free handbag every 24 hours 24 hours. Price of the bag range between $30 and $80.

The step is just so simple :)
1. Visit Handbag Planet url
2. Sign up
3. Select the handbag you like *I know u’ll take few minutes to think…ya maybe because there’s 24 items and you only can have one – if you win*
4. No shipping/handling fees or credit card required *means they even can send to anywhere..*
5. You will entitle 1 entry in the contest upon registration
6. To increase your chances to win..spread the words
+ email friends (1-???+);
+ join their facebook/myspace (10 + more entries) ; or
+ just write something on this free handbag *don’t copy my words..ok?* (25+ more entries)
7. Pray hard…so you can win this chic, trendy, and absolutely FREE *how I wish that I can win has been so long I never win anything..*

So gals..please do the necessary...


  1. tak sabar plak nk tggu 15th oct nih... hehe...


  2. ~coffeeaddicts~ and mak su ...hmm..xmenang ada 3 org m'sia dpt*jeles nih..sbb yg lain tu org putih yg menang*..congrats for yg berjaya


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