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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, October 17, 2008

My 360 degrees stories

My storytelling Part 2 Season finale…*I’m stucked in my brain..I have so many things want to write..but stucked with surveys…but finally managed to type in word doc and ambek korang sekali post 3 entries..this one, below one..The Drumstick club tu konon and lagi satu citer masa jadik photographer-bidan-terjun*

Last raya… as bujang
God willing, this year will be the last year as bujang…next year beraya berdua..silap2 beraya “bertiga”…..uhuks…all the while jadik bujang, since zaman sweet 18 degree kt ITM until this year sahur paling best ialah roti-bread-tuna, kurma, hot milo…and most of the time bila malas-nk-bangun hanya minum 2-3 teguk air….opss..suddenly I remember that ACCA time was the heaven time since masa tu dok CK and we have proper sahur…tapau foods that night and wake up ramai2 makan ramai2 tapi bukan dlm pinggan instead tutup tupperware tu jadik pinggan kitaorg… *er...sedap tau mkn atas tutup tupperware...*

So next year will be the first year that I need to wake up dan panaskan lauk bersahur..uwa..larat ke agak2nya tuh..? and of course it will be totally different since next year beraya di rumah mertua *encik tunang, how will we handle this utara-selatan raya?..*

Hmm..makcik2, frens, asking when is my big day…my answer Insya Allah, taun depan..hujung taun ni Mawi nak kawen…nnt lebuhraya ke selatan jem..sume nk gi kenduri dia..xde plak org nk dtg kenduri kita *yelah kesian kalau kawan2 dr kl nk dtg dhle kena duduk dlm kereta 2-3 jam pastuh dgn jem lagik..xmo lah kan*

First raya…without her
This is the first raya without my late mum…I’m not good in expressing my feelings but I really miss her ..I know that I never write my feelings for the lost..I’m not good on it…but deep inside only God know…even I cried/ feeling sad I will never told anyone even encik tunang..sometimes in the LRT, bus, in front of PC, ladies, or anywhere I can have some tears * As daughter I only can doa, recite Al-Fatihah, Yasin and remember what she has taught me for 27 years*

I can cook…Ratatouille
All the while for raya is like only helping or sibuk-menyibuk kat dapur…even last year is with my late mum supervision..but this year I have to handle the cooking…huhu no Ratatouille to play around my head to help me…but I manage to cook chicken-curry and lodeh…..and all without santan *our house banned milk coconut this year* and the best part when my turn to cook, garam-kasar not in stock..uwa…garam-halus jadik mangsa…and last but not least chef d chef *ketua tukang masak..ayahanda* taste it and said “bolehla makan….”

Beraya...rumah encik tunang
Yiba2 saya sudah beraya rumah encik tunang di Kedah*kwang3..tak betul*..hehe indirectly beraya since her mother give kuih raya+kek buah...

Last raya with…current co
This will be last raya with current co *bestkan sbb raya dan kena kerja..hehehe..* I just send the “love letter” about almost a week ago and serve 2 month notice *hmm its too long for kuli cabuk..kan? but new co can wait for me so no buyout la…* God willing I’m moving to other co around December….Opss it’s not becuse of kena-berjuang di hari raya makes me to’s just I received another offer and personally I believe I need to move for career progression

*Husband yg adil..kami beraya sekali tau*

*Yoyo..hari ini Syawal ke 16...lala..ala2 feminin, 4U2C*

*Aksi2 terlampau...erm terlampau kurang gedix...*

*Siapa bilang Gadis Melayu tak menawan....lalala*


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