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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, October 24, 2008

Congrats guru_muda!

The most awaiting day for my sister after 6 years struggling as university student..ya she still struggling last 2 week *bak kata ude, menunggu 5 jam untk sehelai perangggu..for those reading EH dan seangkatan dgnnya will know what is peranggu*

Clap clap clap…my sister transferred the title finally as UPM graduan…as well as alumni…Sekiranya arwah mak masih ada pasti dia gembira dgn kejayaan ude skrg ini...*Al Fatihah untk dia*

Back to the main story, the 32nd UPM's convocation was held from 18 to 22 Oct *kebetulan 18 to 22 Syawal* but Ude convocation was on 22 Oct (morning session).

Overall, the event went smoothly although there were some hiccups here and there...but I would say UiTM convocation is still the best *Sorry ude..aku kena tulis gak..*

Since the day collecting the robe was really terrible..almost 5 hours spend to collect the robe…maybe UPM think it will save everything if having a day that everyone can come to collect it. It would be good if segregate by day - by course untuk amek jubah itu..*people will willingly to take day off from working if its not fall on weekend*…

Even on the day of convocation for the parents to enter the hall a little bit not organised…and for the rest that have to stay outside have to watch from bigTV provided…

Back to my time 2003, it was really organised..we do not spend hours to collect robe..hmm if not mistaken macam express giler..dh dapat sume…then on the day itself, for parent to enter the hall was pretty much organised..tau2 je sume dah masuk on time..while for the rest will be seated at the annexxe *bilik kaca di luar..xsilapnya air cond plus wide white screen to show the convocation…layar tu besar giler plus they will show in sequence the graduan faces, name, and also star which indicate 1st, 2nd or 3rg class*

Besides muzik latar konvo dimainkan oleh student itm la…superb giler mcm tgk performance kat istana budaya..*uhuks for upm lagu raya pun dimainkan.. kurang sesuai eventhough masa tu still mood raya..dan bak kata nan lagu beatles pun ader… *

Okey..tak pasal2 karang sy kena tangkap..but I hope UPM can do something to improve the convocations in the near future..because it’s a big day for the effort that the students have put to obtain a piece of paper qualification * no matter la dpt kelas long as jadik graduan kan?*

For the rest of story…kindly scroll down for the pictures…more pics will be posted in the next entry…
Congrats Ude... :)
*membega2 peranggu... mamat kat belakang pun join skali*
*sape nk ngurat saya kena lepas semua hulubalang ni...amacam ada berani ke?*
*saya dah jadik graduan...hip hip hooray*
*we hire this special photographer from man in black movie production*
*i'm graduated from Purdue University..opss Putra University..
hehe bkn pengantin je ada outdoor.....*
*sayalah Prof M..dh konvo 4 kali tau*


  1. hahaha..betul la nan dah konco byk kali...1st time dapat 1st class degree, pastu acca grad dgn Agong then grad kat PWTC...uish ni grad upm la...caya lah nan!!!

  2. -s-o-f-t-i-e... updated nan konvo 5 x...sekali kt mrsm, 2x kat itm, sekali kat pwtc, dan sekali kat upm..


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