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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Part II : Big day..all about wedding

I'm trying to focus to main areas and also where the most expenses will be spend for the big day

Masjid, rumah, hotel, balai raya..most people will like to choose mosque to have their solemnisation and the reception will be either house, balai raya, dewan, kompleks, hotel, beach, FRIM etc...whatever it is other than house we need to book the place to held the event...some places might even fully the best is to book it as early as you can and keep doing follow up in case you might be left out as people might do mistakes...

On top of that the list will count also the following…canopy, table, chair, accessories *kerusi tu bersarung ker…ade lampu2 gantung kah, fresh flower for each table etc…opss alas meja pun termasuk jugak kan* , cutlers, tissue, pinggan mangkuk, sudu cawan, tempat basuh tangan..erm maybe this should be part of food also..

Invitation card
It can be DIY or just choose the design at let the card shop do the rest..or some even do the printing and DIY by adding ribbons later . Price of the card will depends on the design....make sure they spell the name *esp if the bride and groom name might sound like Norizan, Raihan..which it can be gurl or guy name..and detail correctly ie house no/ hall no*

How many cards do you need? Depends on the list of people that you would like to invite..some might do some e-cards or scan the card in order to save the budget and send the link or file to friends...

When to send the card? Hmm I'm not sure but I think do not send early as people might received and later missed it as there is tendency of “saya lupala”..maybe 1 to 3 weeks is the best..

For hotel reception, the card will have RSVP from French words Répondez s'il vous plaît *erk…I don’t know how to pronounce it..*, which require respond either “YES” to attend or “NO” decline.

Video + Photographer
All the thing *canopy, pelamin, baju sewa kat mak andam...etc * will be return once the event done...left with the memories and photos + video...

Nowadays its a trend to have this custom album...and there are so many photographers *or only because they have the DSLR kah?* and they might be charging you higher than the works that they have done. I found this link where this blogger is an anti wedding photographers...quite true also kan?

We have a long list to choose*of course budget counts* ...preetypeektures, saifulnang, magicclickers, etc *just mention few there are a lot...and each have diff style of photo technics and editing the custom albums...*

During childhood I'm always dreaming to have a kind of outdoor with the wedding attire *maybe because always seen Chinese do this...erk adakah masa kecik sy kuat berangan?* and nowadays this become a trend to Malays also...

I'm not sure when it started as I just realized it when I start googling my friends wedding pics and I really love it...Both of them were my schoolmates back to Form 1-3, and they have few location of outdoor.. *of course they spend a lot for the photog..* Click here for one of the outdoor session...*Idz aku jeles sbb outdoor ko banyak...taman nasuha, air terjun gunung ledang, sawah ring..dah mcm hero-heroin filem korea, hindustan, high school musical...opss ada lagi satu outdoor masa ko jadik model untk eddie photovideo*
Bersambung..TBC..... *since my 1st entry received comments that it was too I tried to write it like this way...*


  1. ah wedding!!

    best, tp penat.

    gudlak@ dan jgn luper anto jemputan...hehe

  2. personage...Insya Allah aku jemput..


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