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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Part III: Big day..all about wedding

This time I will focus on reading...*I know you might think serious reading..but this is fun reading...*

Esp for gals, once her bf kata saya-nak-kawen-dengan-awk...surely she will started to stand at the magazines stall..they will looked at “Pesona Pengantin (PP)” and have some kind of have this kind of baju nikah, bunga tangan, kek kahwin, kad kahwin..bla bla bla until aya kedai buku saying something like this to them.."adik manis..mau beli ka majalah...”

While back to reality, gals will started to collect all the magazines that write about wedding...

The magazines will help here and there...but seriously I really love Eh *cover Maya Karin..not only because I have attended the bengkel perkahwinan..but seriously it really helpful*

Urm, I only bought magazines as above and 4 extra magazines during last book fair..tak tahu le banyak ke serius ia buatkan longgokan menimbun majalah kahwin..

For guys..they will read again..."The lost jewel..uhuk..P------ yang hilang” *yes gals might wonder..but you can asked from kakak2 ofis yang dah kawen about this book*

Wedding portal

There are a lot portals&forums discussing on this some link here might help you *some portal/forum requires you to become why not?..just put ur nickname and register..u can become silent reader or active contributor...*

Stay tune...


  1. hehehe...dont be too fussy about the wedding..ekeke

    trust me..sian to the guys...hehe

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  4. anul...perempuan biasalah fussy sket ;p *but of course tahap fussy tu lain2*

  5. haha..ko yg nk kawen aq yg png2 ni. yela aq kn bkl 'mak pengantin'... uhuk2


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