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Monday, November 24, 2008

Retro Lets Disco nite

Remember what I have posted last week? Siti & DK pics....haha..ya that one....The sequence which not 100% related was our co dinner..ya this year annual dinner theme Retro Lets Disco nite...we have all the retro-ing style...*this time all the account peoples show their do you think that accounts people happ???*

Lets pics do their part....Enjoy the retro nite pics *I'm still tired....opss later I will update this entry for the nice door gift and lucky draw that I get...*
*chinese course food..not the retro food ok?*
*all the retro-rians enjoy the retro night...*
*zainal : ku lihat hijau...opss ku lihat afro...*
chef zam : i'm not cooking foods today but will cook microfone....agaga..
pija : wheee....*

Last but not least for encik tunang..I have something for you...eventhough you are not coming for the event always be my side and retro-ing all the way
psttt..want to have the same or even more experience of retro-ing yourself..of course DIY la...refer the website stated as per above pic...enjoy...


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