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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weight gain, weight loss

I know it sounds that I'm trying to sell some beauty products....te..et..... wrong...it just I couldn't think the exact tittle

Although I write earlier that I couldn't celebrate raya but this for year but I have few series of open house *uhum that is related to weight gain kan..*

I have tried to attend all the open house invitation...Thank you soo much for inviting me, next year don't forget to invite me again...hehe...maybe next year or next2 year will be my turn also.... *erm hopefully I would have some times to train all the berkarat cooking skill*

*gossip girl*

*nice to see, nice to eat..once eaten, consider kenyang...Dila, aku buh lmbt sket pic..hehe*

Oho did I mention that saya beraya hingga ke PD? This unplanned trip was a last minute plan...and Alhamdullillah the weather was good and we even have opportunity to have a sunset view...so beautiful....and alang2 dh sampai PD sempat beraya lagi ke rumah housemate zaman MRSM dulu...*smpai gak aku rumah ko ek Angah*

*bercanda di pasiran pantai....lala*

*hercules? hulk hogan? ultraman taro? doraemon?*

*dugong? little mermaid with big drumstick?*

*almost similar pic like here*

JJCM activities seems not so important since all the pounds, fat here and there..so need to have some sort of exercise and control of foods intake....

But we still have some sort of JJCM during TA charity and family carnival at TA cark park *in front of KLCC* on 1st November...we found this oldchangkee Singapore curry puffs*bigger than canned drink*. . for RM 2O coupons we were enjoying mee rebus, mee kari, mineral water, soya beans, curry puff and ice cream...the price of the foods was slightly higher since it was for charity

I miss few series of challenge activities that held this year like Maju Junction Merdeka Hunt, PIC *maybe sbb takut jadik mcm PIC 2007 so tak masuk kot…* So I decided to join Terry Fox Run 2008at Lake Gargen on 2nd November ...not really running but brisk walk for 5++km...*its not a magic to lose few pounds but hopefully it will be a good starter for myself before siri2-diet untk kawen...yaya hopefully I will have my serious exercise plan after this*

Celebrity for the day was Ida Nerina *opss..she can zipped her mouth for Amazing Race Asia 3 result..so sad Bernie has been eliminated..uwa..*

*cheer team untuk high school musical 4?*

Amazing race asia is almost towards it end..but still few tv series just start 1-2 episode *I still couldn't understand that I could addicted to tv series but not to film yg bersiri2...eventhough tv series we need to have to watch it for several months*

Some of tv series that I will try to be patient and trying not to miss it *encik tunang now you will know why nowadays saya balik kerja on time..hehe* Awan Dania (Isnin 9-10mlm) Renjis 2 (Rabu 9-10mm) Heroes season 3 (have to check..x ingat Thursday 10pm)...and the most awaiting American Next Top Model Cycle 11 *Tyra Bank you rock!...Britain and Australian Next Top Model is not so impressive...huh maybe I love American accent...sounds clear kot*


  1. saya trauma tgk mknn, sbb tgk jer trus rasa nak telan. uwaaaaaa


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