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Wonderful motherhood

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lets dance together

I couldn't stop moving my feet..tap..tap..tap...
With hands, body and head also moving here and there...yada yada...
This is all because of....
Opss..its not because of sehati berdansa 2 *ya..watching it but no impact instead tergelak2 dgn housemate...sbb kelakar..oho sy pun tatau menari... kaki kayu..lagi teruk dr diorg kot..*

And still..I could stop my ear from listening *erm humming kot... chorus from Now or Never*

This is our last chance to get it right
This is our last chance to make it alright
We gotta show what were all about

TEAM! Work together

I have watched High School Musical 3 *as usual I didn’t follow the sequel film before* Not sure what makes me booked the tickets and drag encik tunang secara paksa-rela …erm maybe because of the catchy tv promo, red robe upm convocation *erm..betul ke nih?* or because of heartthrob Zac Efron (Troy Bolton)…*hehe rumours stated that he will be in Pirates of Carribean 4.. oho not sure he will play which role…*

Last time watching musical shows was P.Ramlee and maybe Grease *John Travolta nyanyi2, menari2 lagik*

Overall really fun…the song and choreography superb *erm that’s why I couldn’t stop my head from following the song..oh..since this morning I keep playing “Now or never” and even upload this mp3 and set as a ringtone…*

Yeah...yeah...*ala2 budak2 cheer..owhh*


  1. hehehhe..zurai..ko dah suka musical muvie kot...tak pe..nnt weekend ko tgk sound of music..pastu tgk mamma mia...bes...nnt lps aku p tgk teater mamma mia bln dpn aku bg tau ko sedap ke tak...hehhe ..u can dance u can jive..lalalala...

  2. anak2 saya suka banget cerita ni


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