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Wonderful motherhood

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cerita borang nikah saya


In my case encik tunang settled everything for him..
- get all the forms (Borang Permohonan, Borang Pemaustautin-since apply in KL, HIV)
- HIV test *which he spends an hour at Klinik Kesihatan...lambat giler for simple procedure* ,
- get 2 saksi+encik tunang to meet imam jurunikah (make sure all the documents completed & photocopied)...then imam jurunikah flipped thru the form and cakap2 sket before giving the cop mohor...
- after that he send it to Pejabat Agama to get the Form 5 *approval to get married*

Note : If in case where where certain states tidak mewajibkan HIV test, the groom need to take the HIV test in Johor…- again ni rules Johor la

Anything not sure just call Pejabat Agama k?

This what I have done …but pls do not follow my sequence below, since I just doin it in my own way – since I do not apply any leave for settled all the things…since reserve cuti untk kawen plus I’m still new with the co – mana leh suka2 cuti…

1st : While waiting for encik tunang, bought the Form 2 and HIV form *each cost RM5...again this is Johor and as per up to this date* my father help to buy it but since it was on behalf so Pejabat Agama requested photocopied of my IC..naseb baik mmg ada copy kat kg..phew

2nd : Filled up the form even tho Johor forms in jawi, we are still allowed to write it in rumi since it will be wasted if later people couldn't read the writings...

3rd : Meet imam jurunikah cuti CNY – at this time I only have filled in the form – without any signature, photocopy of my father’s IC and mine as well, plus borang nikah ayah….ni mmg gamble since pttnya bawa 2 saksi sekali and photocopied their ICs but since kat kg so not a big deal kot…sesi borak2 with imam, he reminded me about the interview and do not forget to send the documents to him once approval given…opss booked also imam jurunikah for our day…imam signed the form without signature of 2 saksi….

4th : My father get 2 saksi signed and photocopy of their ICs

5th : I’m compiling all the docs (all encik tunang docs, my docs, plus surat nikah original my parents – as written earlier ini adalah prosess kat Johor yg kena bawa sijil nikah parents for anak perempuan + sulung)…
and reserved cuti ganti federal for HIV + submit the forms – korg jgn ikut my style yg agak selamba jugak….but this is the only way which I do not have to apply leave a day to settle the things

6th : 02.02.09 early morning going to Klinik Kesihatan Segamat to settle HIV, get the turns, but to surprise me it only takes less than 30minutes to settle everything..including time to queue ok? After breakfast and photocopied all the things – hmm I just followed instructions kat kertas Pejabat Agama bg, but actually diorg xamik pun..but never mind at least save the copies)

Submit the forms at counter. Wait for a while, the clerk then give interview form, meet the ustaz, answers all the question – hoho serius berdebar siap jawab pun tunggang langgang..i really meant it…, ustaz sign as passed, passed back the form to the counter, wait for a while, then they give everything in clear folders - which includes Borang 3 – kebenaran nikah and also Borang 8 – sijil nikah blank. Paid RM 20…

Special note : kakak jaga kaunter kt segamat tu suh jgn bukak clear folder maybe takut kita akan terabur kan ke ..but pls ignore her msg…SILA CHECK Borang 3….as they might have spelled + type it wrongly, which happened to me…..huhu nasib baik kul 11 pagi dh siap, and while at home, I am sooo curious and flipped thru and noticed 2 mistakes…ptg tuh jugak hantar for corrections – but nasib baik masa ptg tu ada agenda tgk rumah tetamu kat pejabat agama

7th – pls send all the docs to imam jurunikah and wait till the day comes!

Soalan bocor for interview….pls be patient…haha sure korg rasa tension kena dera ;p….since I try to segregate it and not to make this entry super-duper panjang

For org segamat yg pening and have accommodation problems for keluarga sebelah lelaki yg akan dtg, pls do not worry…

You can rent rumah tetamu pejabat agama for a rate of 150/ night…consist of 3 rooms – master bedroom ada air cond, and it really completes with dapur, meja makan, ruang tamu + TV, master bedroom have queen bed, medium bedroom have single bed, and also toto + bantal2 extra……really2 like home..since it was provided for imam, but since imam do not stay they rented it out…*later I will put the house pics ok?*

Ok stay tuned for sesi-interview-bersama-di-pejabat-agama…*bkn dera korg tp bg korg baca buku fardu ain tuh..so senangla jawab nnt kan???*


  1. Ms. Tepung..

    Thank you for sharing!! yang part interview tu..i think really kena bukak kitab balik la.... hehhee

  2. cintanorth2south...ye kita share ape yg kita tau

    part interview..tggu next2 entry

  3. memang memenat kan lah pasal borang nie.. dah lah antar kat pejaba agama...tgk2 silap pulak taip...esk nak kena pi pulak... geram laaa..so kena semak 2@3 takut sialp lagi...

  4. nasib baik ader ur blog!i pon oang sgmt yg mmg tgh pening nak carik umah sewa n uruskan borang since my tunang pon oang utara n kejer d muar.thanx a lot!

  5. ierdina...bukan kita je boleh salah isi borang,bhkan pejabat agam pun leh salah

    ezarn...hihi sbb sy tau skrg org segamat ramai kawen ngan org jauh...:) *hmm nape ramai sgt bjodoh ngan org utara ek?*


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