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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ehem2…anything special today? Proposal, chocolates, flowers, special gifts….?

As for myself I do not celebrate Valentine’s day as every single day adalah hari-kasih-sayang

I would like to congratulate my ex roommate as her wedding today *this is scheduled entry, so maybe by the time it is posted, I’m eating her nasi minyak* and also congratulations blogger friend - hidden.wings for her engagement….really sorry if I left anyone else…

Even tho I do not celebrate this special day, I still have something specials for all the readers..

I am happily to invite you to our wedding website

Pls do not hesitate to visit and leave the msg in the guest book, and on top of that this means that I am inviting the readers to attend my wedding *although I know it is maybe hard for you to attend as it will be in my hometown, not in KL*

This website is collaboration encik tunang and myself…but pls bear in mind it is FREE….*haha nanti karang korg ingat we spend some money on this…*

Hope you will enjoy my gift for today..till we meet again :) *I know I owe few things….pls be patient, I just need to follow 1st thing 1st rule*


  1. Hi.. I dah tgk ur wedding website, cantiklah. Nnt klau I kawin pun nak create 1 website gaks lah..

    Owh.. lupe nak ckp, actually I sllu gaks baca ur blog. I pun ada link ur blog kat my blog laa..

    nnt tgk yer..

  2. mimi...thanks...nk wt wedding website juga silalah

    hihi ye sila2 la baca skrg ni lmbt sket update sbb dh berbizi2an..thanks for linking :)


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