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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A week....

It has been a week from the date....

It has been a week....and encik suami this morning suddenly said "aku terima nikahnya....." *gulp of course bukan nama org lain, tp nama sy jugak...hahaha....he no longer needs to training the words....*

And today for the first time he cook for me :)....and also first time jalan2 naik motor *merempit tnpa helmet.....*ke kedai mamak berwifi, and shopping never-ending tertinggal beli barang2...*smlm sy hampir tepuk dahi sbb beli brg2 basic kuali, sudip, periuk dsb sume2 total up RM99.50....so bride to be dont be overexcited with the wedding preps since after wedding u still have to spend....nothing free...eventho maybe you received sooo many wedding presents!*

psttt: I think the best present for bride to be....is to get voucher, jusco vouchers, electrical vouchers, etc since if share ramai....it may helps newly wed buying fully automatic washine machine with cost RM100+ je ;p

I know that I owe many story....but forgive me for the time....uhuks2....

And before I pen off untk beli shieldtox & tudung saji+periuk kuali....let have some view....


  1. Congrats cik tepung. Lepas nie tak perlu fikir prep kahwin. Hehe..

  2. reena: bkn cik lg. dh puan dah.
    kak, aq tau adiah ko yg plg best skali. dgn bangganya aq nk umumkan!


    dgn ucapan, rajin2 la masak. wakakaka...

  3. kan?
    sy dah kata. lepas kawen lagi penting. lg byk pakai duit. huu

    neway, tahniah puan tepung.
    lepas ni pulun lah uli tepung buat kuih utk suami tiap petang :)


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