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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Org Segamat sila jgn pening kepala...

This entry is written esp for Segamat bride to be...

It is about accomodation for rombongan pengantin lelaki.....Untuk org Segamat, I believe that you aware that there is a lot of budget hotels or so called “rumah-tumpangan-Ah-Chong” can name it from Neo Pegasus, Mandarin Hotel *our encik2 tukang gambar kawen kami pun stay here and they said that it is safe and $$$ cheap*....and so on

However, when it comes to a group of people to come over I bet budget hotel is not the best solution..instead the best is house...

So, last time when I want to order our wedding cards, I bump into this advertisement ->Rumah tetamu badan kebajikan pej agama segamat with following details:-

4 bilik (master bedroom – air cond)
RM 150/ day
tingkat bawah bangunan kuarters pej agama
Contact person : Bilal Sungaji 019-7434 131 or Puan Norarfah 019-7340 180

So after taking all the details, just trying our luck to have further views...and found out it was house provided for imam, however as imam itu ngak bisa tinggal di rumah yg disediakan, pej agama decided to rent it out....*so means that hanya ada 1 rumah saje....*

The house is really nice and each rooms is provided with bantal dan toto....have tv, dining table, refrigerator, kettle, cawan, pinggan, teko - so xleh masak2 but boleh buat air....

Lets have the pics to do their part....(uhuk dh try upload x leh jugak..but soon I will update this entry with the house pics okie?)

You can booked it in advance, no deposit required, and it is on 1st come 1st serve basis....however since no written confirmation for booking, it is advisable to contact the contact person at least twice..first when you want to book and then maybe 3-4 days before the days....

I really hope this entry will help a lot untk warga2 jajahan might want to book it when you send the borang nikah this rumah tumpangan is only few steps from Pejabat Agama Segamat


  1. wahaha...gud 1 pn. tepong....i really need the accommodation for my future fmly in law from KL...thanks dear! need to book early...

  2. Ms Tepung,
    First of all CONGRATULATIONS!! dh selamat jadi isteri ye... selamat pengantin baru.

    uhhaaa....ada pun rumah sewa kat segamat but still a lil bit far from my tengah dok congak where to put all the penang people on my BIG day...

  3. found a place...dah tanya kat oang pej agama tu pon hari uruskan borang tuh tp suma cam terpinga jer.hehe...neway, congrats!!!


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