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Friday, March 6, 2009

Love & emotions

Love and emotions...........

Swing here and there, happy..very2 super duper happy, sad blue and so on....

To be frank I'm afraid..still have things to do..and still have few questions in my mind mcm haruskah sy pakai korset on big day? ok ke pakai jam masa majlis? and so on

Let prays that everything will go on smoothly, smooth every single thing, from weather, the programs, the foods, the guests...and so on...Insya Allah.Amin

To bride to be that share the same date with me..Congrats! Selamat pengantin baru..God willing we will share the same anniversaries :)

I'm not sure whether this will be the last entry in this blog before I get married....but if it yes I want to take opportunities to thanks for all the readers to read my blog up to this date..mintak maaf jugak terkurang, terlebih dsb....

Don't worry I will be back I still owe few things *interview nikah Johor part 2 xde lg kan?, owh too many things to write but time constraint..* plus of course the Big Day itself..

- should I change from ms tepung to other name to since dah jadik puan..or shud be cik puan tepung kuikuikui....


  1. hyee!!congrats k?sronot lak tengok orang ramai nak kahwin..hihih :) btw,thanx for dropping by yea..owh,selamat melangkah to a new phase k? :D

  2. x yah tukar la. ms tu mmg stands for miss and mrs.
    btw, jgn memandai nk tukar kpd cik puan tepung. aq xnk panggil ko lbh krg sama dgn cik puan daun
    (cik puan daun dh ada baby!)

  3. bride-to-be...thanks to you

    ainyusof...haha aku tau ms tu stands for both....

    aku pun xrasa sesuai jd cik puan tepung..sbb panjang bebeno

  4. hi! congrats! wishing u all the best :)


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