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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pls vote : kertas penunjuk jalan

As we know since not everyone will be familiar with the place for kenduri, so we must have penunjuk jalan..with all the arrow sign until ke tempat kenduri kan?

Unless I am really rich to have bunting all the klu buat bunting banyak2 pun lps tu nk simpan ke? uhuk nnt last2 berhabuk je...

So my concern is the colour of the A4 paper to be use....because sometimes the eyes cannot catch the colour which end up we might miss penunjuk jalan itu....then terpaksala berpusing2 dan mgkn sesat ke kenduri...

So please vote ASAP..and most appreciate comments esp if you vote for others..Thank you


  1. turqoise! hehehe..sbb warna 2 jarang bl skali nmpk..mata akan trus tangkap.. =)

  2. light pink. and the font wud be black and bold. aahh. i can imagine it right now. hihi. x kesah mane2 kaler aslkn both things [ font n bg ] is contra.

  3. amy-wan..turqoise..hmm rasa mcm payah jumpa kertas kaler ni unless print colour je

    aesha...light pink sgt suwit :)


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