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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Marriage should be done in the most modest way but in Malaysia, it is ought to be done in the most lavish way. Competition on those wedding is the most grandeur is most unavoidable. Fame is usually the reason why people spend unreasonable and wasteful amount of money for wedding...

There is no point of being extravagance. We should focus on the life after the wedding not the wedding itself.

Wedding is only a door to the marriage house. Why should we spend a lot of money to decorate the door so beautifully, when the inside of the house is then left empty, dark and unattractive?

~ untk yg kaya dan ada budget lebih itu kelebihan mereka untk melabur besar dlm perkahwinan mereka, but for those depends 100% on their saving + duit hantaran + serba sedikit mgkn dibantu saudara mara, keluarga = maka majlis adalah berdasarkan ape yg ada kan?

Now lets count...3, 2, 1...and here

Anda tahu anda harus menanti untk tone-nyer...again count 3,2,1 ~ minute? hours? Day? Weeks?

I believe this will be my last entry on wedding things before I will publish my wedding pics ~ even tho maybe I have more things to share but I believe pengalaman yg bakal anda lalui itu adalah yg tersendiri....


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