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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The day that I know that I am pregnant

Yeah, it is hard to put the title..~nanti org kata alahai ramai lg kat luar sana dh beranak pinak..but after all the direct header will be the best I guess

I do bloghopping and found that mostly share or giving some hint when they knew that they are pregnant…but I am feeling that “never mind, let me struggling 1st trimester and write it when towards the end of trimester 1.”

Note : please don't hate 14 ~ aha rasa mcm banyak angka 14 je

Today is our 4th month anniversary ~ yeah women always like this…while men will ask “kita dh kawen brapa lama ek?”
Waked up lazily. But I have set in my mind that I need to do the test once I enter the toilet…struggling to find the UTP…~hehe mcm saje2 je plan for 4th month anniversary suprise

Of course need to pee to know the result. (Actually from reading, the best time to check if from the first urine, since the hormone level is high and the UTP could easily detect..)

My eyes were actually half2…but of course my heart is struggling to think. Yeah, it because for several weeks I have a few symptoms that might be the one ~ later I will write the pregnancy symptoms..

And the result..positive..2 line ~ started to think many things…happy, sad, joy, worried…so on
I just write something simple and recycle back this present wrapper that I use last year ~ edisi jimat janji isi selamat….

Thinking of to keep it until weekend so that I can request for sesi mengada2-bersama-suami (haih lgpun spjg pregnancy kan blh ngada2..hihi) …but later I just worried if anything then how…at least as soon he knows that he can support all the way…

Until encik suami wake up and settle himself while I already put the thing at our dining table…Then I asked him to open..and he started to say “ mana aci bagi hadiah advance” ~ yeah because last year I gave early birthday present, so this year also same ;)

Then ….the reaction

saya dapat kereta Honda

Ngee…he already smiling mcm dpt kereta idaman…or maybe USD1m…hahaha..even he didn’t read the card..~but later I insist him to read…

Then while he drove me to office..we have so many things to discuss

He already request to be call as ayah. While keep me to agree to be call as ibu…~ aiseh rilek ayah…mama-mummy-mommy-ibu-ummi-emak- not yet decided

Talking about name of the baby and encik suami suggested
Girl : Nurul Izzah Jasmin
Boy : Michael Jackson
Erk..MJ ..dalam banyak2 nama terkeluar MJ?

The issue also come into picture where we should go for check up and deliver..Then I said never mind let me think in office

In office, I still do not tell any of my colleagues…not yet until there is something really showed. Doing some searching to find some info for hospital / clinic, but since it is still early, I just decided to visit the nearest clinic to our house

Visit the clinic. Unfortunately, it’s a male doctor ~ bukan pe female doctor maybe lebih selesa to ask few things…

As usual doctor will asked “ Sakit pe?”
My mind thinking to answer “ Sakit buatan 2 org….hihi” but thinking that answer like nuts then I just straight away “ saya rasa saya mengandung”

Then he checked whether I have done the test myself …no further test as the UTP will give 99.99% he just asking the first day of last period and confirmed me at that time I am 6 weeks plus pregnant ~ xdpt bunting pelamin, bunting probation pun okeh la kan?

And the due date will be early March next year ~ about few days before our 1st anniversary and the baby birthday is between Atuk and Pak Ngah (ayah dan jugak M).

Note : girls please remember to tick ur period in is very important since the doctor surely will ask this..

We asked few questions and get some advice (including the doc asked me to start consume susu ibu mengandung)…and paid the medical fee + get asid folic. After checking back, I already started to take acid folic on 14.06.2009 ~ yeah without knowing actually maybe that time I'm already pregnant...

At the end of the day, terasa macam di awangan and for day I felt healthy ~ yeah because few weeks before my body signal something ...

Till meet again with 1st trimester stories :)

So now I am happily to put a new ticker and Insya Allah next week will be in my 14 weeks the (2nd trimester).

Pray to Allah that everything will be ok sehingga baby menjenguk ke alam ini ~ of course again each trimester will have their very own stories

note to encik suami ~ soon 2 be ayah...pls take note hihihi
Wednesday 26 Aug (Learn more about this day)
Does your husband go along every time you have an antenatal appointment? It's a great way for him to become involved in your pregnancy and to help him bond with his unborn baby.


  1. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!congrates ye kak!!hadiah bulan ramadhan=)

  2. woooooooooooooohhhhhhh congratulations sweetie ;) jaga diri ok? and hey, write more about the little babe plis!

  3. congrats!!!
    sangat teruja bila dapat tau org mengandung..heeee

    btw, nama pangkal Nurul IZzah tu sama mcm my cousin..adik beradik pompuan die sume start Nurul Izzah.. sweet :)

  4. wahhhh!!!tahniah, tahniah....selamat menjadi seorang ibu okeh...i't will be an exciting experience being mommy to be...

  5. congrats..

    kalian berdua sangat bertuah..
    Jagalah kesihatan dan makan minum anda..

    Ouh, kalo nak anak kulit cantik, silela minum air soya banyak2 ok?
    Insya'Allah kulit anda pon jadi cantik gak..


  6. weee..tahniah..take care of urself k.

  7. waaaa congrates..semakin ramai yg masuk club mommy to be ni..dri sdn ntah bile lg..

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. suraya & modusoperandi ~ thanks

    sitijamilahazmi ~ hihi kena write about the mummy dl sbb mummy really struggling trimester 1

    butterflyinframe ~ wee..sume nama depan sama, wah...hihi nama xkan finalised selagi xtau jantina kot

    ima ~ thanks..nmpknya kena berguru ngan ima sbb ima dh nk due kan?

    quiyah ~ thanks, huhu air soya xminum sgt tp makan taufu fah seminggu sekali, boleh-kan?

    reena & panda ~ thanks

    aziyana ~ teruskan usaha + doa, Insya Allah turn anda pula...

  10. alhamdulillah..tahniah!!!i followed ur blog berfore u were married..ow dah pregnant..bestnye...

  11. tahniah kak tepung...jaga baby baik2 ye...hihi

  12. tahniah dear..welcome to the club..=)

  13. congratulations.hope the next trimesters will be fine and healthy for you and baby :) insya allah.


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