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Wonderful motherhood

Saturday, August 29, 2009

How I wish...

...that everyday is holiday!

Hmm....sometimes I felt like to send "love letter" and just being SAHM (stay at home mother)..~ekeke baby pun blm kuar lagik

Sometimes I want to have my answer from my tummy whether she/he hates me working with co ABC?

The big reason because I have all the sickness while in office which lowered down my motivation to work...yes sometimes in 1 hour (esp the super-vomit-peak-period), I only can be seen at my place only for about 20min and the rest with ms toilet

Although I have to be thankful that my superior is very understanding (tho she is not married), but sometimes I felt pity...even tho the closing is ok, but somehow I cannot concentrate like I use to be...and even some of the job being delayed...poor me

Is it because, before I knew that I am pregnant I already think to have new job which at least nearby to our home? ~ I know I couldn't stand with heavy traffic jam and also ikan sardin esp in komuter ~ ikan sardin jauh bernasib baik sbb ada space jugak tau...sbb ada kuah dlm tin tuh

Hmm...sometimes tears burst out as I am alone struggling in office toilet ~ okeh sy xdpt mcm scene drama melayu yg mana suami tepuk2 belakang bila si isteri muntah di rumah

And sometimes I really wonder how was last time my late mother carrying me for 9months 10 days? Is hard? difficult? pain? everyday sickness ~ I do not have the exact answer for this! =(

Again, I should be thankful to Allah...because at least only working day is vomit day, while weekend plus public holiday will be no-vomit ~ tho most of weekend is likely super lembik-lemau-malas..and so on

Pray and crossing my fingers that 2nd trimester will be much better!


  1. err.
    tertinggal keretapi lah.


  2. salam :)

    we're in d same boat..cume saya slalu loya dan xder selera x kira masa..cume muntah jrg kalo muntah, sgt penat satu bdn, huhu..hrp2 our 2nd trimester is going to be fun!amin.. :)


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