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Monday, August 31, 2009

The early signs of mak buyung pregnancy


Being newly weds, of course after some times you will wonder when u can get pregnant? Isn't it..? ~ lgla klu asik kena soklan cepu cemas..dh pregnant-kah?

Or sometimes when ur period is MIA, the first thing things that come to your mind..PREGNANT!

I have a confession here...until I knew that I am pregnant I have wasted 2 pregnancy kits..because of period MIA, and all the syndrome that I thought seems like pregnant...but it was just PMS versi slps kawen ~ agaga...seriously my PMS while bujang is likely mcm xde sgt or sket2...but once after married my body felt unconfortable plus siap muntah2 lagik

But it was false just maybe my body changes dramatically after married...the period cycle may be dragged and all the hormone fire-fighting in the body ~ haha sometimes I imagine that inside my body ada wars..kes tgk banyak sgt tv kot

But there's one time I started to felt uncomfortable, thinking of being pregnant, but I am scared to check it again ~ ye takut mengharap, klu xde still sedih jugaklah, plus the pregnancy kit is not cheap! at least it cost almost rm10

So I decided to read and try to compare before I do the test. I get the info from here, there is about 13 signs you may be pregnancy (but sometimes it almost similar with PMS)
1. sore breasts 2.craps 3.spotting 4.fatigue 5.nipple darkening 6.nausea 7.bloating 8.peeing more often 9. cravings 10.headaches 11.constipation 12.mood swings 13.body temperature

But of course different people have a different hormone level, so please do expect that ur signs might be different from other ~ owh sy bukan kata anda alien kalau signs nyer lain, cuma Allah dh ciptakan setiap kita ini unik

And what I have (I try to recall, and all the signals here was before I use the pregnancy kit...maybe around 2 weeks before the day)
1] MIA of period

2] Fatigue. Seriously it was very tiring for 2 weeks kot, realy tiring malah penat menguruskan kerja kawen pun still acceptable..This one is really serious, everytime balik kerja, I just baring2 depan cooking and all the house core were delayed!

From readings, you might get tired as body is adjusting - of course it works very hard to prepare for the baby(ies) ~ again until now I still rasa lembik-lemau..oho..maka buat kerja pun lambat..

3] Cravings. Hmm..I think there is one time I asked encik suami to get something sour..bukan asam (ye sy xmakan asam), I asked for spagheti and also air ribena, of course la encik suami rasa pelik ~ dh dpt rasa mcm best je tekak...ahaha

4] Body temperature is always skyrocketing ~ everytime encik suami put his hand to my body he will said mcm demam..serious takut weh takut H1N1..yes most of the time I felt like having fever but the body heating, but I dun felt like having fever...there's one time I visit the clinic told the doctor I felt like fever, but the doctor said normal body temparature..but I requested for MC..balik2 umah tombang xhingat

5] Feeling unfcomfortable. Most of the days its like combo, body heating + fatigue..but sometimes I cannot sleep at night..Encik suami already in the dreamland, while I was terkebil2 kira kambing...~ oho even few nights asik surfing siap beli tiket concert anuar zain lagik ~ baby please accept your mommy apology, when we went for the concert I do not have any idea that u're already in my tummy

6]Vomit. Mual.Loya. Since the false alarm also feels like to vomit, at first I thought that this is also the false alarm..but this time is different because tekak-rasa-tak-selesa for most of the time..yg false alarm hari tu agaknya signal untk be prepared kot..hihi

7] Updated. The most obvious thing plus weird. I cannot wear perfume..Owh I can smell others encik suami, wearing perfume but not me..rasa time tuh mcm alien..really wonder because I felt like very-sweet..sumpah rasa saya sangat wangi..I've used all kind of perfume dr cop Avon, Body Shop, Lancome, plus perfume encik suami pun dicuba...

End up I cannot stand the smell ~ baby nk jd enviromental people-kah? until now I do not wear perfume. Nasib baik deadoran ok...Maka perfume hantaran tersadai..uwa...

Okay that all for this time. Suddenly teringatkan Kit Kat..haha


  1. hehe..Tp, ne baru permulaannye...welcum ke dunia ibu2 peknen...sonok plak dok bace first experience org peknen ne..ekekeke..ima ne tgh tggu masa je pun asyik dok berlegar2...


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