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Wonderful motherhood

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Balik kg...

Bersiaran dr Kg Sg Seluang ~ hehe canggih bb celcom full coverage

Dear baby..and in future together with all the sibling ~ rezeki Tuhan xtau dpt berapa kan?, you must know that ur mummy and daddy village have all the animals and plants name...

Let start with father village ~ Kg Sg Seluang, Kedah...although till now ur mummy never seen one of ikan seluang, but later maybe u can ask ur father the description of it

And ur mummy village ~ Buloh Kasap.Pokok buluh ada, tp buloh kasap mummy xsure (nnt mummy korek2 kajian sejarah time sekolah2 dulu k). U must know Buloh Kasap ni famous tau..every time ur mummy in taxi to go KL Sentral (of coz masa bujang la), the drivers always asked " balik kg ka?" ~ refer beg2 extra...Mummy will definately answer yes and when mummy answer Balik Buloh Kasap...and seems all the drivers answers ooo kg Normala Samsudin, pahtu mention durian Segamat

Ok till then..battery is almost be continued


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