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Wonderful motherhood

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Remember last year? o8o8o8...seems couples tried to get married on the "ong"-lucky date

And this year 090909..anyone get married in this Ramadan...?

I have something that celebrates 10 years old...let guess...bear? surat chenta? signature from idola? pointer 4 flat?

Aha..wrong guess....it is a passport photo taken on 09.09.1999 ~ pls ignore the 10 years back look okeh...zaman muda remaja..
And it always become my favourite passport photo ~ huhu although the look so innocent, I prefer to use it for my resume until back 2 years...

And I think last year, couples also choose to get married 20.08.2008...

This year 20.09.2009 we will celebrate 1st raya...such nice date....

So hows ur raya preparation? Of course for those will get married right after raya, raya is not so important list ~ except it will be the last raya as single...

Hmm this year preparation, is so - so....I have no mood...even order few kerepek, bought balang kuih raya, baju raya ~ encik suami sungguh2 sbb taun pertama beraya, and the rest nothing...(plan nk wt langsir baru delayed as am so lazy...plus mengconsider rumah tonggang terbalik, since the shop provide to house services to measure for the curtains ~ yg 1st round tu main agak2 tibai okeh)

Not much mood since my health is so-so ~ nk round2 pusing2 tawaf shopping complex untk beli balang kuih raya pun xde...nampak, belek, terus beli..no such compare the price-design-so on

So only the budgeted things..

....but I hope will save all the energy for YES Year-end-sale...encik suami please make sure both of us will be 150% healthy during YES, we will have major shopping for the upcoming new member family..owh plus some savings for the very first investmnet baby coat, stroller, etc ~ yes all is not cheap, maybe should calling2 my senior2 in this things, so can asked for the bargain baby things

Till we meet again ~ this is auto post entry...i need to wash the plates...and owh mau rasmikan susu enfamama...to compare with anmum, which one is much more better?


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