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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, September 11, 2009

What will our baby look alike?

Oho....is it I am too excited? Hahaha..

Actually I'm thinking to post summary of trimester 1, however thinking that it will need my brain plus my hands to type, I will leave it to weekends ~ hopefully lak kan?

I do not meant that I am trying to against ciptaan Allah yg amat berkuasa..it just a little bit wonder...since it is too early to know how the baby will look alike, through scan..

So just google to find out if there is any website offer how the baby will be? Ye bagaimana rupa bakal bayi di lahirkan? ~ leh x tba2 teringat masa Siti ngan DK nk kawen, terbaca kt 1 forum beria2 nk agak2 baby diorg rupa cmner..but it was really lawak, sbb baby tu ada misai DK..aha

And since the technology is there...just trying...~baby, ur mother is just trying to help herself of being happy ok? no matter what u look alike, u are mummy and daddy baby

And since using encik suami mac, I really do not know where he save all the pics ~ malas nk korek2...so I decided one of the wedding photo that I post in this blog

The message from the website while waiting for the process...

please hold on while we make your baby... it shouldn't take more than 9 months ;).

of course it won't take 9 months :P as it using the technology (but nobody can challenge Allah power)...

Wanna know? How it will be the baby will be look alike?

Hmm after seeing, I am a little bit hmmmmmmmmmmmmm (yes very long hmm, while encik suami dh tertido penat)

Because, it has some omputih look ~ encik suami, adakah itu terkenan my France FM, other other expats in my office? hiks

I am pretty sure after this the website will be traffic as newly wed, expecting mother + father, even couples...as of course they wonder how their baby will look alike? Plus u can imagine ur baby (ies) if your parther is celebrities...Angelina Jolie, Brithey, Hannah Montana, Zac Efron, Brat Pitt, Siti, Mawi,..anybody...as long as u can download the celebrities photo..=)

It is no harm to try, as it is free...just make sure follow the steps and the rest judge after the baby come out kot...

Okeh, I want to continue study Las Vegas = Delinda + Danny (apa lagi kalau bkn Delinda the pregnant woman)


  1. tiba2 baby macam pan asian:P

    insyaAllah...baby tuh akan lagi cute dr nieh...okay!

    * all the best for u, dear...

  2. awak pregnant gak ke? salam perkenalan.

  3. hahaha, hopefully anak ko rupa cina gak la. meneruskan legasi keluarga.


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