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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jom pi soping online

Few weeks ago encik suami said that I am not paperless..because I asked to buy newspaper...

I know I am not really kind of paperless...owh banyak baca online kepala boleh naik pening okeh? esp my early pregnancy I couldn't stand to have a long hour with internet..and just recently okeh sedikit but still I prefer reading magazines/books compared to read the long reading in internet...

But when it comes to shopping online, I believe encik suami cannot do it...since he is afraid of security kot....hahaha...see isteri baik hati soping online je so jimat petrol, jimat duit parking, tenaga angkut beg plastik..and still save the world sbb xpayah beg plastik banyak2 okeh...

Okeh recently I made a lot online shopping....dapat duit bonus kah? No-No...Eyh but I just got deposit umah-sewa-bujang dulu yang cukup cover 6 helai baju...see, encik suami xleh komen sbb isteri accountant yg pandai match expenses with budget.

hihi plus ur wife know that she has been be very selekeh for past few sila jangan hantar ur wife as calon2 Tangkap Muat...xmo rizalman punggah2 my clothes pstu gelak2 mcm episod yg kita tgk tuh!

I need to do revamp and update the closet....segala baju2 lama sudah sendat....maka harus beli baju mengandung....but to be frank sometimes it hard to find long sleeves pregnancy clothes within my budget and preference....

Until I found 2-in1 closet concept... (and it is long sleeve!) which can be wear for pregnancy and nursing (Pray that I can have breastfeed as long as I can..)..owh I love 2 in 1 concept

Bkn gambar censor tau, ni tunjukkan concept 2-in-1..

Rabu-khamis-jumaat..3 days in a row sy glamer asik dpt parcel..

And also I have bought this book...encik suami, I bought it since u read while I have dentist visit...hope we can learn together2...(em saiful islam pun baca buku nih but I believe he read the original version which in English...nevermind we read in Bahasa supaya senang faham...)


  1. salam pn tepung..nk tnye la..u bli bju2 online ni kt website mne ye..i pn nga pgnant skng so mals nk ingt nk cri online je..tq

  2. izanazira..sori lmbt reply
    nway u can try tgk

    hope this helps u!


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