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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Purple wedding vs ????

Tajuk hape2..

Yeah..I am still bloghopping to bride to be blog and noticed eh2 ada gak nk pakai kaler purple yek...

So for those still looking ideas for purple wedding, you always can refer to my blog...~ ek mcm sesi glamourkan diri...gambar kawen dlm archive bln 5/6 k...archive tag not there since I'm still not finish sesi make-up blog..huhu ntah bila nk siap final layout nih?

Truthfully....if wedding have theme, the for baby ada theme jugak ke? Pink always for girl, blue for boy...but until this day we still have no idea either it is a boy or girl

But, I am still not doing baby-shopping, the reason bgla mak buyung shopping untk diri sdiri mcm entry sblm nih..hihi

Our baby already gave a real kick to ayah..encik suami, pls expect more in next few weeks..(means that I also have to be prepare with all-kind-kicking-version....)

Ok..times up...need to rest...Insya Allah this weekend we will do JJCM...if success I will reveal it here...


  1. 2lah saya suke sangat kaler purple xboleh tengok geram jer..

  2. 2lah saya suke sangat kaler purple xboleh tengok geram jer..

  3. rasa2 girl kot..sbb blog page pun dh tukar pink..pink so girlish..confirm lah pompuan nih...hikhikhikkk

  4. ms tepung..salam jln2..ngah pegnen eh..anak 1st ker..apa2 pun gud luck n take care ok..

  5. Kite pun pakai lite purple masa bertandang..kaler yang sweet :)


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