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Wonderful motherhood

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby, mum and dad cannot wait.... c u

I'm still here waiting patiently..Today I just started my maternity leave...Considering all the factors its better to stay at home [even tho I'm least ada internet jdla..and jiran kanan kiri mmg sah2 ada di rumah...]

We have done some testing Bangsar-Putrajaya...and it was terrible traffic jam before MEX..Some of officemate also scared seeing my big bump and since most of accounts dept is single ladies, they just scared if anything happen to me during office hour [even tho there is Pantai Hosp. nearby]

I thought of working until end of this week, however I dun want to make all people scared so staying at home might be the best option. If anything encik suami can rush to come back since for sure his office-our home no traffic jam

I have some of the signals...kaki bengkak, doc confirmed baby already engaged, braxton hicks maybe....but not yet for the other signals

Some of angkatan-baby [few encik suami frens also have due date that almost we called rakan seangkatan] already say hi to world..some not yet...

So today can lazily berehat...While bringing handphone everywhere..Read other blogs, read forums...[sesi penuhkan ilmu menjadi ibu..], kemas rumah tongkang pecah...and so on

Yesterday encik suami said he cannot wait our baby...."macam tggu iphone" [haha..nasib la baby..ur dad is IT-gadget so ur mum should said "tak sabar nk tggu closing habis" accounting version...ape kes????]

Oh ya time to pen off....terhegeh2 nk g mandi and so on....[broadband kdg mcm hampeh....]

[memandangkan ramai sgt kata pantang adalah bosan, marilah add sy di facebook/ YM....tawaran sementara masih ada =p ~ sblm mood berubah]


  1. em mcm maria time pantang tak dan nk bukak tenet pn..hehe..gud luck ye..push jgn tak push..;)

  2. fathiyah...putrajaya tuk deliver, dok kt p*****g


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