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Friday, February 26, 2010

Choosing name and hospital

Hi there...

Today I have done weekly check up...same like the last week ~ baby ok, me ok, and of course the gynea said hopefully by next week I can deliver..[baby, pls dun say mummy womb is the best until you dun want to come out...gulp..Baby, mum already prepare to be in the battle...even manage to eat masak lemak belimbing buluh, and there is no more craving that I have]

Since there is some time today I will write about name and hospital

Choosing name is really tough....Haha...encik suami name is 3 words while mine what we should put for our baby?

flyers tuition co pun jadik mangsa
sbb nama anak2 scorer upsr, pmr, spm

Even though we have so many months to always like not fixed..sbb bila tgk tv, read other baby name from 'eh sedap la nama'...[habis sume flip thru mag, books, buku memasak[hoho nama chef pun ada yg canggih gak =p,]...and so on...

When I am still not married [not sure actually what my status that time...with skandal2 xjadi or exactly single time], I love this name " Haziq Imran" and for girl no feveret name...but when I'm pregnant I have no more preference to any specific name...[gosh...xtau nape]..

Maybe because I think the simple name will do...Muhammad, Aliff, Firdaus, Sarah, Izzah, Aisyah...but of course have to consider encik suami [lagi plak nama dia ada Sheikh...haha dl ada housemate kata nk book anak lelaki kami tuk jd menantu, anak perempuan xmo...sbbnya nnt dia ada cucu cop Sheikh]

Encik suami already selected 4 names and finally I agree with one name.....[but again still not sure to put 3 words or just 2 words]. And for next pregnancy will be my turn to find the suitable name.....

Here I paste the guideline in Islam for giving baby name and click here for list of name

Di dalam Islam, kita dianjurkan supaya memilih nama-nama yang baik untuk dinamakan kepada anak-anak kita. Ini kerana nama itu akanmenjadi pengenalan dan panggilan kepada anak kita seterusnya melambangkan dan membezakan antara kita dengan orang lain lebih-lebih lagi antara Muslim dengan bukan Muslim. Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda bermaksud:

"Sesungguhnya kamu akan diseru pada hari qiamat dengan nama-nama kamu, dan
nama-nama bapa kamu, maka perindahkanlah nama-nama kamu itu."

(Riwayat Abu Daud)

Dalam menamakan anak ini syarak telah menetapkan beberapa panduan untuk memilih nama anak sebagai berikut:
a. Hendaklah nama yang dipilih itu memberi pengertian dan maksud yang baik. Sehubungan dengan itu kita dilarang untuk menamakan anak-anak kita dengan nama yang buruk yang boleh menjejaskan kehormatan dan mungkin menjadi sendaan dan memalukan anak tersebut.
b. Jangan namakan anak dengan nama-nama yang khusus kepada nama Allah seperti Ahad, Ar-Rahman, AL-Khalid dan sebagainya. Sekiranya nama ini hendak diberikan kepada anak kita maka hendaklah disertai dengan nama lain di hadapannya seperti Abdul Rahman, Abdul Khalid dan sebagainya.
c. Jangan menggunakan nama yang dikaitkan dengan Abdul (hamba kepada lain dari Allah seperti Abdul Uzza (hamba berhala Uzza), Abdul Nabi (hamba kepada nabi) dan sebagainya.Ulama bersepakat mengatakan bahawa menamakan sedemikian adalah haram.
d. Elakkan dari menamakan anak dengan nama-nama orang kafir atau nama-nama yang menyerupai nama bukan Islam seperti Jon, Sally, sebagainya.

And next topic choosing hospital for delivery...Both our co do not sponsor any hospital have to choose within our financial status...

But before that sometimes there is like confuse 'nak g monthly check up mana vs hospital nk bersalin'

After considering and read other experience I would suggest to mum to be to have govt check up...aka have a 'buku merah' [even tho u have to be super patient there since sooo many people there]. The reason if you have complication in private hospital [we will never know, but of course pray for smooth pregnancy and delivery], you will be refer to govt hospital ; whereby govt hospital surely asked buku merah...Besides you will keep this book urself [which is good, leh belek2 tgk berat naik turun..and so on.]

I have govt check up for 3 times [4-6mths plus scan in clinic as there is no chance to get scan in govt at early stage pregnant], clinic [7-8mths since clash with tonnes of work vs time consuming] and recently with the hospital that we have choose

When it comes to hospital for delivery of course there is a lot of story mory like govt not giving good service, while private like giving special treatment but of course the doc is like to have c-zer instead of normal.....and so on. Pendek kata both have pros and cons

By looking from our house location there are 4 hospital to choose Putrajaya, Serdang, KPMC, Columbia Asia....considering $$$, traffic jam, services and so first we agree either Putrajaya or Serdang.

Then we try to narrow down the criteria [wah2 mcm expert...]. Encik suami prefer if we can have like private service eg female gynea, room and so on [but of course want to have reasonable charge]. While I prefer to have baby friendly hospital for the purpose of breastfeeding [cek xpandai no...harus kena dapat correct support from the very first day]. Clickhere for the list of hospital rakan bayi which not really up to date, but at least some idea.

So try to google here and there and after reading here I just know that Putrajaya will be the one. The search narrowed down again since to confirm the charge and whether the hospital accept or not alamat rumah kami kawasan-jajahan-takluk-hospital...The sad thing nowadays the hospital do not accept patient from our area; last few years they still accept it [benci btl pdhal kami ni dok dh dekat sgt, cuma diorg just kata sila p serdang]

But knowing that there is one alternative...FPP Full paying patient concept which has been introduced to Putrajaya and Selayang [again power of google]. From reading we understand its like private wing concept at HUKM and UM.

We visited the hospital and get some general idea esp on $$$. Understand that for normal birth the max will be RM2k, while operation range from RM3-5k [all depends on baby and mother situation..]..The only thing that might be burden is the deposit is RM3k [ni bayar masa nk bersalin la], but of course they will refund if the actual cost is much more lower. For FPP details click here or you can contact 03-8312 4315/6

Considering all the things, we finally agreed to choose Putrajaya and just wait patiently till the day to come

For readers [ececeh perasan mcm bnyk je], maaf zahir batin terkasar bahasa, terkurang komen kat blog korg2 [bnyk sgt nk baca, kdg time nk komen time tuh la broadband pun mengong sbb lama sgt nk upload gambaq..], tertulis xelok ka, terterjah hape2 ka, and so on....

The rest of the post after this will be auto post [until notified].

encik suami sila jgn lupa...


  1. hospital putrajaya sudah makin crowded la ni.
    so,u choose serdang ke?dekat gak tu dgn my house.erm,kalo blh nak pi tgk u kat hospital nnt.blh ke u roger2 i?hehe ;)

  2. me also cant wait for my baby to come!hehe


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