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Monday, February 8, 2010

Can baby hiccup in mummy womb? goyang gerudi Inul and 4d scan

Last few days ago I felt like my tummy have a rhythmic movements...seem like someone hiccup but not me....

Then I asked encik suami to hear from my tummy if anything wrong...and guess what encik suami agreed our baby hiccup...

Then I started to flip back my favourite book " Penjagaan Ibu dan Anak"....yes it stated there that baby can hiccup in mummy womb....[you can read it here also for the expert answer...]

Besides, finally after few attempts to video our baby kickin' finally I made it....[before this everytime I tried I cannot get...maybe our baby camera shy??? ihiks]

35 weeks
and our baby happily kickin' goyang gerudi Inul?ihiks

Last but not least, the 4d scan done few weeks ago...Actually around my 7th month pregnancy [early Dec 09], we have done 3d and 4d scan to know exactly our baby gender before start our YES shopping spree....however to our disappointment, our baby covered the face with both hands...

Then I asked encik suami whether he want me to do it again at other place [since I'm doin it at clinic..and thinking to do it 2nd time at Vision College ~ a lot of people said need to book early as a lot of people booking for the scan there since the price is reasonable]. But he said no need, furthermore since the gynea said that baby, amniotic fluid, placenta and so on is ok...

So I though nevermind, and never think to do it again..guess what? when I met the gynea that we have choose for the delivery, she did the 4d and this time at least I can see part of our baby face as below....[jadiklah kan dr x da kan?]


  1. heheheh.....klaka lak tgk perut sihat n cergas!

  2. samelah kita..maria nk buat 4d tp tak dpt..cuma doktor tu ada buat sekali n print gamba satu..okla dr takdek..heheh..maria nak amik gamba baby gerak dlm perut tak dpt...aqil mmg jenis malu dgn kamera kot..huhu..apepun gud luck yek..oh rindu punya perut besar itu..;)

  3. teruja la sis ngk org pregnant ni..heheh...seronoknye...pengalaman yang best tu..

  4. teringin juga nak buat 4d scan..nak survey2 kos dia dulu..bila baby gerak2 mcm tu rasa geli ngan sakit campur2 kan..hahaha

  5. tak buat kot 4d scan tu
    macam tak berkesempatan je
    baby pun dah besra dh skrg ni, gender pun dah tau kan
    kita tggu je lah surprise nanti
    tgk dia more to daddy or mommy..

    *nak anak berambut lebat

  6. ala kita takleh tgk la plak video tu kat ofis ni huhu..

    yes baby do hiccup in the womb..wat masa ni lil one kat dlm ni ala2 hiccup je pergerakan dia, skali skala je leh rasa cam 2-3 movements at once..kalo tak mmg skali je pop, pastu pop lagi hehe maybe awal lagi kut dah nama pun baru 26 weeks kan

  7. yess!! me too feel d rythmic the heart is kan, it cud be baby's cute!!


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