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Wonderful motherhood

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shopping for our baby

Buying baby essentials nowadays can cost $$$ a lot...because there are too many choices...and furthermore comparing nowadays lifestyle where most of mum is working mum [so we need extra things like breastpump, stroller, baby sitter..and so on]

I have tried to get as many advice as I can through some of 1st timer mum to be...and so on...and some of it which I can remember are:-
- baby clothing; no need to buy super expensive and too many newborn size. since they will grow very fast. one of my colleague said she bought some clothes and his son can only wear it only for a week...and need, to shop again
- toiletories for baby; pls do not buy in large size. reason since some of ur friends might give it as present (ada kata hadiah2 tu akan x abes guna even smpi anak dh 2 taun), besides u will never know ur baby skin is allergic or not
- coat, stroller, car seat, bouncer, and so on is not a must things to buy at very early stage [ but it depends on ur lifestyle]. u can choose to buy it as and when u think it suits ur baby
- besides buying for the baby, do not forget things for breastpump, pad, breast pad, confinement set and so on
- different people have different reaction to all type of confinement set. I think the 1st time will be try and error [eg ada kata xsesuai nona roguy sbb badan jd lag panas, ada yg sesuai...and so on]
- brand vs no brand..again it depends on ur financial status...u might want to buy certain things with good brand for long term investment
- dun forget to have thermometer; reason its not accurate bubuh tangan pd thermometer is the best and accurate

....the rest maybe later I will write it, as dh ada experience

I listed here some of the shops which some of it I have visited either online, walk in or both.
Littlewhiz (click at left side-under affiliate for website link), babyjaya, mydear, twinsbaby, bbstore, firstfewyears (no m'sia website..i couldn't find), fabulousmum, mlo, mumdreams.....the rest silala google2 lagik ye...since I cannot remember all [but I believe at least u can compare some items there]. Even ikea also have baby cot okeh....

My advice sometimes it will good if you can walk in, since they might have special package or deal at the shop which they do not update it at their website..and also sila la kejar warehouse sale and so on for great bargain

You also can checked here for some advice for the baby buying [cot, mattress, playpen...and so on ~ even teething rail also mentioned in here...what I notice Ikea cot do not have teething rail, as it is sell separately]

Some of our buying during YES sale...[ehem2 sebulan shopping but I think we do not buy every single things..reason biaq baby keluar dulu and then shopping lagi for additional things. some not in the pics like mosquito stand and so on...yelah beli sume sikit2...kdg terjumpa, teringat brla beli]

besen mandi, carrier cum car seat

towel, blanker, mitten, booties...etc

baju bajan

bedding and so toys only black, white & sometimes red cloth book

medela harmony and bumble bee bottle [dun asked me which is the best breastpump...i just bought it after consider other users the great price i get for this bp]
[I decided to buy manual pump as I read it will be useful esp during confinement ~ lgpun slagi belum masuk kerja direct feeding la kan, plus train myself to have some ebm stock
later will buy electric pump and this manual pump will become 2nd pump ~ which later will be use when the electric pump send for service]
bkn kereta je kena servis, bp pun kena servis jugak tau!

matahari 17 jan amatlah membantu sesi2 membasuh

Hospital bag? later I will update...


  1. hmm tu la..byk kan expenses ye? kalo calculate bebetul dah beribu2 kan total..

    u cuci baju budak tu basuh tangan ke basuh mesin pastu pakai ke detergent nappikleen tu ke pakai apa yg ada kat umah je ek?

  2. wahhh..rajin nye membasuh smua baju2 baby tu
    ingat nak basuh gak, pastu dtg bapak dia kata 'tak yah lah, kalau baby ikut kulit bapak dia, takde lah sensitif, ikut mak dia iye'
    mesti dah habis byk kan beli brg2 baby ni..
    oohh, anak 1st mmg seronok


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