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Friday, March 5, 2010

Coping strategies after 40 weeks pregnant

Reading from most of mommies blogs..most having EDD baby...means that either their baby say hi to world early by few days or at least on the EDD itself.....

Then sometimes I felt like 'alien' or like being 'minority' having {currently 40 days and 2 days pregnant}...Uhum...

It is likely very hardly to be truth it is very people asking and asking and so on...and plus some even say nanti kena operate and so on...

And encik suami asked whether I put the correct date for the first day of last period [haih penat2 den tick kat kalendar...]

Then what should I say more? I have tried to think in +ve ways [tipula kalau kata x menangis langsung..nama pun perempuan]

Tried to think back all the my personal ups and down...ya now I remembered a lot of downs before got the ups one...One of it during SPM time [Even I am not SPM best student but at least having a good result, yes it happened more than 10 years ago [oho ya maybe i'm not young anymore but at least young at heart =)]...

I still remembered it almost towards SPM, everyone were busy preparing...but I'm having serious fever..I cannot do revision and so on..[nasib baik kawan2 baik hati bgtau ustaz warden]. Plus, I still remember how suddenly Hospital Muar, wad pesakit luar boleh plak tutup during the the warden bring me to the clinic [I didn't bring any $$$]. Luckily warden said I do not have to pay any single cents to him, instead he used tabung denda to cover the bills...

While in car ustaz said few things...but the most remembered words "sakit itu pengampun dosa"

What I can relate now, and hope all the discomforts and this overdue; Allah akan mengampunkan dosa2 saya insan yg banyak kekurangan ini.Amin

And try to cope after 40 weeks, I copied from babycenter...[add one thing, pray to Allah that everything will be fine]

• Have something planned for every day. Don't stay at home wondering whether you can feel anything happening. Get out of the house - but not too far!{maraton tv boleh? layan lalola, siong, na o mei...+p}

• If you haven't already stocked up the freezer or pantry, do so now. After your baby is born, you'll be really glad you've got lots of beras and food in the house. (Try our tasty freezable recipes for new mums.)

• Tell friends and relatives not to ring every day to find out what's happening - say you'll call them when the big event has taken place! {I have done this....I said like no news means nothing, by 12 or 13 I will surely inform them]

• Go out for lots of last minute treats with your husband. It won't be so easy after your baby's born. {encik suami any more ideas? the only thing that u said having satay kajang this weekend with tuk and mak}

• Rest - if you're finding it difficult to sleep at night, take a nap during the day. Put your feet up. Play some music. Don't fret if you can't sleep, dozing is fine. Build up your energy stores for labour. (Read more about sleep in the last months of pregnancy.)

• If you think your labour has started, but you're not sure, phone your doctor and ask for advice. Don't hesitate to give her a call if you're worried. (Remind yourself of the signs of labour.)


  1. hmm..i pon dh jd overdue is my edd..hehe..hrp2 our babies will come out soonest insyaAllah.. :)

  2. gud luck..doa byk2 k..insyaALLAH d pemudahkn..


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