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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby is having babymoon.....

Okeh fresh from oven [means not auto post]

Our baby is having babymoon in my womb [straight to point no konar2...maksudnya suda jadi overdue baby]

Did I expect this? Of course not...but this is reality [baby syok dok dlm perut ibu yg sejuk air cond tulen barangkali]

Meet the doc this morning,and she said she has no reason to induce me or any sesi paksa bersalin. So she gave another date which will bring me direct to labour room....and it is 2 days before our first anniversary.

Maka sesi2 sangap masih berterusan. Have a chat with the doc and she said I should asked her before when I decided to take leave....then I said all the people in office worried bout me plus finance having single2 ladies with no experience [ha itule beza keje ngan boss dh kawen vs boss single]....

Ok since that maybe I have to change my 3 months resolution maybe by getting quotation for the renovation...

Enough2....karang dh jd drama swasta, emo perempuan mengandung [I admit I am emotional....but think overdue baby in positive way -> this is one of jihad...correct me if Im wrong]


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