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Wonderful motherhood

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seprais hari ibu

Harus cepat, pantas, speed trap...

This year is my first time become ibu...and I do not expect anything special from encik suami

No plan. Even we went to Tesco for some express shopping [ok2 Afham dh selamat jejak soping complex bg can ibu dia meroyan nk soping...wakaka]

However Tesco also jammed to the extend trolley pun we just have express shopping at nearby mini supermarket.

Since we have heavy breakfast, lunch will be light..which jemput2. Encik suami said he need to went out again to go bank to withdraw some money...I was still not in mood to fry jemput2, since concentrate on doing filing work. Plus still not super hungry.

After encik suami come back I still not finished my filing...To my suprise ala2 mcm cerita kt tv yg suami tiba2 datang peluk dr belakang sekuntum munge and Hepi Mother's Day wish...


Kembang kuncup plak...isk2

Then another suprise, jeng2....

Zoom in dekat sikit..kot2 ada bling2..

Ok. No diamond ring or any jewelry from him.Poket sudah koyak kocek bayar bil hospital dan terpaksa tukar tayar kereta..jgn mare ye bang

Encik suami, thank you very much for the suprise! Surely I will remember the first time mother's day in my life.

So no jemput2 instead choc cake for lunch....hihi

Note : End of this month ada suprise lg ke?


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