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Wonderful motherhood

Thursday, May 20, 2010

8 days 7 nights

and it was not honeymoon...

Remember my last time post about Afham admitted to hospital? Yup I have to be in hospital also for 8 days 7 nights.

Afham dikelilingi mcm2 benda....mag ibu, mesin, wipes, pamper, minyak telon, toy...etc

nasib baik kerusi empuk la jugak...

I bet all parents always wanted their baby healthy, cute, adorable and so on, including me. During my 34weeks++ (cannot remember exact week since buku merah dh siap2 simpan for next time pregnant..), Dr Hamidah detected my baby having renal pelvic dilation (RPD). She said it is normal esp for baby boy.

Of course I'm worried and try to read over the net. Some even write it might be marker for Down's syndrome but it's poor marker. Can read here for general idea. Dr informed that after he born, will be referred to paed for follow up.

Right after my delivery, Afham admitted to NICU for 3 days since he already passing motion and of course further check on his kidney. [Boleh tak baca kat mana ntah baby yg termakan ta*i masa lahir adalah baby cerdik...Wallahuaklam].

During my confinement, we have to visit hospital several times...because from urine test, he was detected with UTI [atau bahasa senang faham baby ada kencing kotor]..not to mentioned also several visit to Poliklinik for jaundice-not serious to be admitted ...

I admit during confinement I have some depression and rasa serabut sgt...sometimes felt like I do not taking care myself during pregnant and so on...owh no need to explain further

Hospital has given some antibiotics, however after 3 days noticed that he had diarrhea. We meet paed again on my last day of confinement (day 44). Dr mentioned that from several urine test done, they detected Klebsiella in the urine. After discussed he need to be admitted at least for a week for IV [bahasa senangnya mcm cucuk masuk air...except ni masuk antibiotics]

A week plus spending my life over there was something really new. Meeting up with some parents with their own story makes us realised that we should be grateful [sbbnya ada org lain lg kesian ok?]

It was also tough taking care baby in hospital, because we cannot understand their words [klu budak dh reti cakap at least taule sakit sgt ke bosan ke so on]. Not to mentioned some nurse agak ganasssz masa masukkan ubat. The only thing that I can do, pujuk2 sambil tepuk2 to comfort him.

Almost everyday having the same routine. 4 times antibiotics need to be given subuh2, tghari, senja2, tgh malam...to be specific actually there is no exact timing...sometimes seawal 530 am dh masuk ubat and to the extend 1am also! Besides every time it will takes an hour to complete [actually nurse can control speed, since baby is still small have to control and avoid drpd urat bengkak]. Several times it takes 2 hours to complete it.

During this sesi-ubat-masuk, I need to be awake and aware esp if suddenly leaking, tangan/kaki bengkak ke, and also need to monitor Afham...tangan kaki asik bersilat dgn wayar lagik....and the most toughest thing when one to two times, ubat masuk kat kaki- he poo poo- need to change diaper....owh2 macam pakej 3 in 1 plak...harus zas, zap siap secepat mungkin tanpa menjejaskan sesi-ubat-masuk.

tangan kaki sume jadi sasaran jarum

For this 8 days 7 nights also he has 20++ kesan cucuk...bayangkan sblh tangan lebih dr 5. To the extend all the doctors noticed him...baby ni susah nk cucuk

Every day encik suami come twice. Morning session [at least I can take shower so on], and late evening session [at least I can take some sleep...since mlm most of the time kena berjaga tggu ubat habis]. It was really tiring for both of us [emotionally and physically both]

Originally he can be discharged on 7th day, however since some session skipped [takde doktor nk cucuk masa tu...tgh2 mlm and early2 morning weekends], so need to extend till 8 days...

On day 8th, both of us pray nothing serious happened [sbb asik tukar tempat msk ubat tu..]. Right after the last sesi-masuk-ubat I smsed encik suami said everything ok [huhu pdhal yg last tu pun 2 jam kena tggu sbb misi pun dh kesian asik tukar2 tmpt masuk ubat, so speed ubat pun slow]. The doctors also released since no growth for the bacteria.

Currently, he need to take medicine to maintain no growth for bacteria, and of course still need to meet the doctor for follow up - size of kidney and also UTI. Besides must remember not to skip any days from giving him medicine [hatta tgh2 mlm br teringat pun kena bg jugak..]

Next month, MCU need to be done and of course both of us start to worry all over again....


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