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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Checklist for mum 2 be & baby

At first I thought to write this entry while in third trimester..However, I really think that time I might end up writing and buying non stop (since baby items sooo cute...).

So to be realistic, I bought basic things and slowly adding up till now (now I am a serious online shopper...sbbnya lg senang, nk keluar jalan2 bw Afham dan terbelek2 cari barang adalah amat payah)

There is a reason why I need to list out here - thehehe...this list will be recycle for next pregnancy - trying to organize my life and also considering pregnant women alwizz have a problem with memory...

So hereby will write checklist for mom to be together with my personal opinion. The list here is compiled from few sources, but I have edited with my version.

Bathing & grooming
Bath tub
Toiletries (Baby bath, shampoo, lotion, powder, baby oil, minyak telon/yuyi)
Powder puff
Cotton ball
Cotton buds
Baby comb and brush
Nail clipper
Nasal cleaner
Medicine dropper
Baby box / basket

If you want a fancy towel, can buy a hooded towel. For medicine dropper, you can also use syringe (picagari).

For thermometer, if you have extra budget can have a digital one. But if you bought simple one (mine beli kat Watson, dlm rm20) also useful - Personal experience pernah test guna thermometer sdiri dan lps tu pi hospital, suhu lebih kurang aje...

Baby box / basket is to organize all the things. I have 1 small basket to lump everything and 1 like box which I put toiletries which I send it to nursery. If you want to save $$$ just recycle any tupperware you might be suprised how you can use some tupperware that you have. Or when you bought toiletries, choose the one which comes with packaging in a box (paham ke ni? ala beli yg siap dlm bekas plastik...jimat pun jimat..)

Changing and diapering
Changing table (I dont consider as optional)
Changing mat
Baby wipes
Disposable diaper (DD) / Cloth diaper (CD)
Nappy liners
Diaper cream

For baby wipes I bought 2 types - in jar and packaging. For jar I bought Pureen which ada 2 ; which very useful for those stay in rumah 2 tingkat and I refill this jar with Tesco baby wipes - refill. Baby wipes in packaging use for travelling.

Disposable diaper, I believe most of mom will say Mamipoko is the best - magic tape and also the countoured waistline design is suitable for newborn yg betul tanggal pusat. Diaper have 2 type of tape; magic tape and PE tape. Magic tape boleh lekat berulang kali, kalis air,minyak dan bedak eg Mamypoko, Huggies. PE tape adalah sebaliknya eg Drypers

For CD I have no personal experience, hence no further comment (still considering to use it..)

Nappy liners is useful for those CDing. Taken from here

Liners digunakan bersama Cloth Diapers sebagai alas di antara lampin dan bayi. Jika bayi membuang air besar, kita buang sahaja lapisan liner ini, dan Cloth Diaper yang kita guna itu akan lebih senang untuk dibasuh kemudian.

But for those use DD still can use liners, esp newborn yg kerap poo-poo. Taken from here

Membantu mengurangkan jumlah penggunaan CD dan juga DD - liners amat berguna bagi newborn yang kerap buang air besar tetapi dalam jumlah yg sedikit. Anda hanya perlu menukar liners sahaja setiap kali bayi buang air besar dan tidak perlu menukar keseluruhan CD atau DD dengan lebih kerap. Liner juga sgt sesuai digunakan sewaktu bayi anda sdg mengalami cirit birit yg memerlukan penukaran lampin dilakukan dgn lebih kerap

Some diaper cream works as 2 in 1; which can be use for baby and also nursing mothers eg Bepanthen

This list will be continued...(but of course it will takes time)


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