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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kahwin-kahwin : Pelamin, kad, katering, etc

School holiday coming back and of course its also wedding season

For very first time, straight 3 weeks we have invitations...and of course we need to bring Afham also. Alhamdulillah, we can cope it..although ibu and ayah eat like monster (or maybe like pertandingan makan cepat...speed ok?)


2 weddings in a day

1. Shara & Bukhari

This is the first pengantin that Afham meet in his life (wakaka ayat xingat...bkn pe org kan slalu nk baby's first moment)

Shara was my bridesmaid...So istilah once a bridesmaid never a bride adalah tidak sesuai kan? hihihi

Pelamin siap ada love lagik

Afham tgk ape ntah, ibu dia sibuk suh senyum
Br perasan Cik, Puan, Puan yg dh ada anak...
Nani kitaorg tggu turn ko

2. Nisa' & Iwan

This is encik suami's friend...not able to snap their pics since we reached late..

05.06.10 & 06.06.10

Wedding of my auntie...and Afhamm got attention a lot ! He likes it..asik senyum-sengih2 bila sume2 agah...He met Tok Long, Tok J....and so on...(haha sume sbb sepupu ayah haruslah pangkat atuk Afham la)

My father's cousin

which is my auntie

and also Afham's granny
paham ke korg salasilah hingga tahap atuk Afham baru kawen?

Not in pics adalah sesi baling2 duit syiling
Encik suami sibuk tnya ngape masa kitaorg kawen dl xde
Mmg le xde sbb kawen kt balai raya nk baling duit camner..pelamin kat stage


Again 2 invitation (actually planning to go 1, but another one is guru muda's friend...its likely inpromtu decision)

First kenduri was our cousin's son (sblh arwah emak). No bride & groom pics since we need to move. However manage to snap pelamin pics.

Encik suami keep saying the food was great...and since I saw the caterer phamplet I took it. Their motto "Citarasa Johor" (no wonder ada acar buah...I like). Flip thru their phamplet and saw RM 14/pax covers foods, pramusaji, decoration, wedding card, wedding favours and arch. (minimum 1k pax). Wow I believe the price reasonable for all the things they offer. For those still looking for their big day, u might can consider them.

Click http://djucatering.com/katering2.html for their services.

The next wedding, I also do not snap pengantin pics, but I have their unique wedding card...ni cikgu kawen ngan cikgu..the result...

Papan hitam jadi inspirasi

If u interested to get like their wedding card, can contact http://www.zalensa.blogspot.com/

I do not have any personal experience with the wedding vendors mentioned here, its just to give idea for bride2be.

Last not least our wedding favours from 2 wedding (kanan yg kad kawen cun, kiri plak yg katerer dju catering...)

Bukak favours yg kotak2 putih tu, mcm2 ada...(that's why I said RM 14/pax above is reasonable)

Last but not least Selamat Pengantin Baru buat semua yg baru menempuhi alam rumahtangga....


  1. wajah puan shara sangat matured la bile di mekap.. heheh


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