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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mawi fever???

Owh2...Now its no longer Mawi fever...but Makan Bola-Tido Bola-Segala Bola fever..betul tak?

I am not a big fan of Mawi [even tho bila tau Felda Taib Andak tu sblh je Felda kg atok]...but this 2 pics below inspired from Mawi style

Wanna see? Kenapa? Tak percaya ke?

Scroll down

Amacam ada mcm Mawi tak? Polo shirt and also kolar-angkat..kuikuikui

I think a week plus I do not blog anything..The reason broadband become super-sipoooottt and also adapting with new schedule [yup just a week coming back to work, so now I am worker,wife,ibu].

Sometimes I think to quit from blogging but this is the only diary that I have...[serious bnyk giler story mory x tertulis2, tertunggak2...em alahai mcm mana ye?]


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