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Wonderful motherhood

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Esok start kerja


3 months is not enough *mau boss lempang employee banyak songeh..*

This is my first time having long tomorrow I expect a bomb in email *harus berhari2 kot nk clearkan email2...-tutup mata delete sume ok tak?*

Last time I had long leave was marriage leave *this one xde masalah email sbb br kerja tmpt tu so senang jek clearkan all mails* and also after my mum passed away

So tomorrow will start everything *gossip office, sesi2 interview - maklumlah finance ramai yg xkawen lg..,bereskan email, take note from temp staff, and so on*

Everthing must be finished by 5.30pm, or latest by 6pm...

The only thing that can makes me feel better ? I have trained Afham by sending him earlier to nursery almost 2 weeks *idakle ibu dia ni dok asik tepon tnya sihat ka, berak tak, nsngis bnyk ka*


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